The 50th blogpost and et cetera. . .

Yes, this is my 50th blogpost. But, as usual, it’s only me and the blank screen staring back at me, and the chilly midnight air.

Writing….er…..blogging is a lonely vocation. (Some people are offended if I equate writing with blogging). And it’s better that way. I like lonely.

Now, if you’ve been blogging for few months now, you know how important inspiration is for bloggers.
Especially, if you don’t have any specific niche/genre and pretty much try your hand at everything.

When I began, I had a bunch of ‘pet’ rants –

“Inhuman face of the society”.

“Repetitive, lame tv soaps”.

“Fake God men”.

So, the first few posts contained my disappointment, anger, and sarcasm.

Then, followed few posts about love, heartbreak, stuff that a friend of mine finds to be too saccharine-y. (Yeah! Even I am embarrassed when I read those posts).

Then, came a massive failure in my life. For the first time, I wrote with a purpose. I wrote for myself.
I wrote to lift my spirits, motivate myself and in doing that, perhaps, created posts that’ll stand the test of time and help people to cope with failure even in future.
I felt better about myself.

Then, for Mothers’ Day, I wrote a tribute to my Mum, who’s faced many trials and tribulations, and yet fought on.
It got a good response.

I learnt a valuable lesson that day. People are ready to read your scribblings about personal life, as long as it’s got a message that’s universal.
A thought that’ll stand the test of time.

There’s been no looking back since then. Maybe my writing has changed. The things I write about have changed.

But, one thing remains the same – Everytime I write, it is to create value. It’s about the message I want to convey. It’s about an idea that’ll stand the test of time.

I often find myself thinking backwards, when a post is taking form in my mind. I find myself asking, “Can you see the end of the post? Does it have a message, a strong ending note?”.
Unless the answer is “yes”, I can’t get myself to write.

Another important lesson that I’ve learnt is – “Embrace the personal”.
People avoid writing about their lives. They feel their lives are not interesting enough, not writing ‘material’.

Nothing can be further from the truth.
For inspiration, I’ve often looked into the secret closets of my mind, for hurt, hidden pain, regret or any other emotion.

Whenever I found one, I’ve tried to portray that emotion in my writing. And it has worked. Readers have liked that emotion. I’ve learnt that one has nothing to be ashamed about the ‘personal’. It is to be embraced.

With every passing day, I learn a lot from fellow bloggers.
I’ve also been able to figure out my writing process, my writing hours, and my optimum frequency.

I’m really grateful to all those bloggers whose work has been indispensible in helping me shape my writing. Thank you.

Here’s hoping that the next 50 posts don’t take so long. Happy blogging to you all!