Word that counts.

I’m back with yet another post on blogging or writing for the web. (Did I just hear a collective “boo”?).

Before you jump to any conclusions, I want to clarify certain things.

No I don’t happen to know a lot about blogging.
No I am not a pro – not by a long shot.
I’m a student. I learn. And, I wish to share what I learn with people – people who care to read my blog.

If you’ve been at this game for some time now, you’d already know how important it is to maintain a certain length of the posts.
Maybe, people tell you about ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

But, this is not about people’s diminishing attention spans. It’s certainly not about minimalism.

One word – IMPACT.
Whatever you write, you’d want to create an impact.
You’d like it if people left your blog with a thought, an idea, not just random words swimming in their heads.

It is widely believed that the bone of contention is ‘word count’.
But no, it’s about using the right words, not saying a word more, not one less.
For me, THAT is an art to be mastered!

Saying what you wanted to, and not lingering a moment more.

Be it a novel that you’re writing, a love letter, or the grocery list, it is wise to make each word meaningful.
Each sentence indispensable.
Every little word counts.

For TIME is the most precious entity that people have.
And you wouldn’t want them to feel that they wasted it on your writing.