Find your type of crowd.

Crowds are everywhere – on the streets, in the shops, on public transport, and even on the internet and its various off-shoots.

On the internet, however, crowds are different from the ones you see on the streets.

It is not just about random people thrown together in a place that has it constraints with regards to dimensions.
But it is more about like-minded people willingly gathering in one place, sharing their thoughts, beliefs, art and craft.

It is about meaningful conversations, stimulating thought-exchange, mutual admiration, and a general sense of happiness.

Extending the same reasoning to blogging, I feel that the blogosphere too has its share of crowds.

There are techno-crowds – bloggers that blog about technology.
There are the self-published crowds – courageous people who go the independent way.
Then there are poet-crowds. And many more.

Like in life, I feel it is very important to identify your type of crowd even in the blogosphere.

Lets face it. Time is short. We don’t have all the time in the world to dedicate to blogging alone. So it makes a lot of sense to find your type of crowd and only ‘hang out’ with them, visit their blogs, learn from them, get inspired and create.

And the upside is that as you begin to find your type of crowd, the blogs that you enjoy, the kind of writing that stimulates you – you also discover a lot about your own writing.

I believe we all write the kind of blogs that we ourselves would enjoy reading. So, it also means that the blogs that we enjoy reading tell us a lot about how we should write.

So, go ahead, find out your type of crowd, get inspired and create.

Maybe it sounds a tad selfish, but after all, that’s the sole season we’re here – TO CREATE.