Thank you for reading!

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Thank you for reading! A performer is nothing without an audience. A writer is nothing without a reader.

I had started writing under different circumstances altogether, hoping to just pursue it as a hobby, as some kind of a respite from the moronic  life of a Math Honors student.

But, circumstances have changed in the course of the last two years. For the better, too! Life has been kind, for not everyone gets a second shot at re-starting life, wiping out all previous mistakes and regrets. Not everyone has a job where one’s natural talents are put to use.

I am happy today, after a long time. The written word means a lot to me. This blog means a LOT to me._DSC0054

(I have been super busy for the last month, which explains the irregularity in posting. Also, not having an internet connection at the apartment where I am holed up for this month truly sucks! But, I will back be home pretty soon. Hope to start writing regularly again. Before I sign off, once again, thanks for the reading)


Lets take the plunge!

Have you ever felt that strong, overwhelming emotion when, in a very short time, you discover a whole new, exciting world; a world that seems exactly tailor-made for you?

And then, your mind slowly shows the courage to DREAM.

And you DREAM.


You can visualise the happiness, success, and fame, that the new world shall bring you.

You know for certain that it is going to be a lot of hard work before all of that actually happens; a lot of consistency, discipline and ‘showing up’.

But even then, you can’t help feeling ecstatic about the new doors of opportunity thrown ajar in front of you!

You don’t feel intimidated by the huge amount of work to be done, because finally you’ve found your calling.

And then. . . . . . YOU FREEZE!!!

You’ve thought up so much so soon, and so many things in advance that now, you FREEZE at the first baby steps.

Tonight, I’m feeling the same strong emotions.

I’m excited.

I’m thrilled.

I’m happy.

But, I’m also terribly scared for I already find myself worrying about failure even before the start of the venture.

This post is dedicated to all those souls who feel the same emotion, or have already felt it, or will feel it sometime in the near or distant future.

More power to you guys.
Take the first step. The most difficult step; dedicate yourself to your dream and work your backsides off 24/7; 365days a year, and for many years in a row!

Let us not think about results. Lets just work tirelessly! Work for the sake of working.

Let’s take the plunge!