An apology and half a blogpost.

I’ve had a revelation.

I believed that I was the most ‘perfect host’ that a blog could ever have.
I felt I was mature and could handle criticism and appreciation with equal grace.

I was proven wrong today.

This blogger totally lost his cool this morning. He could not tackle a counter-view and ended up creating a mess.

If you wish to know the exact thing, please check the comments on the previous blogpost. (The taxi-drivers of Guwahati).

I apologise. Sincerely.

Never before have I reacted in such a childish manner. I’ve had comments that have called ‘sexist’. ( on the post “Will you marry a raped girl?”).

Even then I was able to maintain composure and poise. Not today.

I’m still trying to figure out what went wrong. I read this comment in question the first thing in the morning. That’s not a great way to start a morning.

Perhaps that. Or maybe something else is bothering me inside.

I’m still trying to know why.

Meanwhile, I thought I’d leave you with some useful tips on how to tackle criticism on the web. (Yeah! I know you’re thinking, “Practise what you preach”).

But this is as much a post for you, as it is a reminder for me. Hope it’s useful :

1. Don’t reply immediately.

2. Read the comment(s) a few times and analyse.

3. Thank the person first of all for his comment.

4. If there’s any clarification needed, first clarify in a friendly tone.

5. While replying, don’t take it too personally. It’s just a blogpost and not the end of the world.

6.Make your point and stop. Don’t go for more explanation than needed.

7.Finally, while writing a post and replying to comments it’s wise to remember that not everyone will subscribe to the same view.

Please add any other useful tips you have in your comments.

I’ll try to be a better blogger.