On not-drinking & not-smoking

Something about me that upsets and perplexes people at the same time is that I am not able to give them company for a smoke or a drink.

I do not understand how my personal choices can upset or perplex people. But, it does!

Sometimes, the reactions are plain hilarious.

“You don’t drink?” often said with a raised eyebrow.

“Wait, how old are you? 22? 23? And you don’t drink?” said with as disdain as disbelief.

It is as if there is some unwritten societal norm somewhere that a person of a certain age has to subscribe to either of these two habits, especially the one of the liquid variety!

But, what stings is how easily the image of a party-pooper is associated with someone who turns these benevolent offers down humbly. Let me get facts straight. I am not a party-pooper!

If my abstentions from these acts make me a boring person, wait till you see me dance. Not that I dance too well, but I can keep a party alive for some hours at a stretch!

I tried gelling with people by breaking my own boundaries and joining them for a drink.

The results were not too encouraging. After a few turns, I was the only sober guy still left. Some fell asleep; others acted drunk and spoke incoherent bullshit. All of their life’s sorrows foImageund outlets after a few drinks!

I couldn’t help but wonder if it is just an act that they put together or if the being-drunk part is genuine, because I having partaken of the same quantity could still think straight!

Also, one of the popular notions is that for male bonding to happen, it is essential a person drinks or smokes. Absolute rubbish, I say!

How about bonding over a trekking episode, or a swim, or a biking trip? Why does it have to be over smoke and funny liquid? 

Also, please realise that it is wise to not give people trouble over their personal choices, as long as they do not put you in harm’s way in any manner. Like your drinking, or smoking is not put under the scanner, please do not put somebody’s not-drinking or not-smoking under probe!

Thank you for respecting my boundaries!

7 comments on “On not-drinking & not-smoking


  2. Beechmount says:

    Drinking or smoking is a personal choice. I hate smoking, but associate with people who smoke, although fewer and fewer light up these days, which is a good thing, considering the effect it has on one’s health. Drinking I don’t mind, but in moderation. Wine (in moderation) is actually good for your health, but again, why should anyone be left out in a party because they don’t drink? Drink something non-alcoholic and join the crowd.


  3. Agree with you a 100% !

  4. Gilraen says:

    Never drank not smoked. I actually found, as a student, I tended to have more fun and to boot even remember it as compared to those that got really drunk and could not remember whether they had fun or not (what is the point then)
    Smoking and smokers, sorry but they just are very very smelly. Really off putting with a haze of smoke, ash and yuk. Not for me. So I miss out on some gossip, oh well I’ll make that up in the additional years I have over the smokers

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