To be pampered

Being pampered is a great thing, age no bar. One is reminded that some things won’t last a lifetime, and as long as they do, it is wise to enjoy them.

So, what if you’re a 23-year old man, but your Dad still thinks you are a twelve year old, scared of stepping out into the big bad world outside?  Image

Let him worry for you; let him ask you about the same thing ten times. Don’t get irritated, even if it makes you feel like a kid.

That guy isn’t going to last forever, and who knows, you might one day miss this pampering.

You will get enough time to worry about the world, all by yourself. You will be the BIG man you’ve always wanted to be, someday. You will roam the world all alone. There’s enough time for that.

Let your old man pamper you if it makes him feel good. Sometimes making others happy is priceless.

Life is good! The little gifts it showers upon an otherwise mundane existence, which is committed to chasing wild butterflies, are special.

These gifts cost nothing, but are invaluable.

This post is a reminder to me and to all those whom it may concern – a reminder that the good things in life will run out faster than you can imagine.

Hold on to them, while you can!  Image

A note: I won’t be posting till the 30th. Will be travelling. I expect to be back by 31st Oct.


(This work by Subhabrata Dasgupta is licensed under  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.)


9 comments on “To be pampered

  1. Harsha says:

    Indeed God Things don’t last forever…So enjoy and hold them as long as you can.. :D
    Lovely Post Subha. .. :D
    And Yes no matter how big we become but still in the eyes of our Parents we will always be a Kid,that is there way to show love and we must appreciate that.. :D

  2. Beechmount says:

    Harsha is quite matter how old one’s kids are, they will always be “kids” Nothing last forever- not even time.

  3. bhartisingh says:

    Nice post! Every one like to be pampered… :-)

    These are the moments that we will miss and cherish for rest of our life so “Hold on to them for the time we had”.

    Be happy, be safe and keep travelling!! :-)

  4. “One is reminded that some things won’t last a lifetime, and as long as they do, it is wise to enjoy them.” And yes, holding on to the good things as long as we can, enjoying them as long as we can is the way to go. No regrets. Just gratitude that we were blessed to experience them.

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