Writing “personally”!

One of the few pieces of criticism about my writing on this blog has been that some of the pieces are too personal.

A very good question posed was “Why would a reader who doesn’t know you be interested in reading about what goes on in your life?”

A valid question, I thought.

I didn’t have any answer at that point.

While ideating a personal post, it has never been my concern if the reader would be interested in reading what I am about to write. Of course, when attempting fiction, humour, and other forms, it has been a concern.

Oftentimes, whether or not a reader would like a post, or the way it I approach it has dictated terms. I am fine with it.

But, coming to personal posts, I have never cared if anybody would like them. The primary and overpowering concern has been to get the load off my head, and trust me, there’s nothing as easy as writing a load off.

The personal posts are written because I need to write them to feel better.Image

The readership, likes, comments come later.

An argument that arises out of this is why I would go write about my personal problems on a blog that is open to public. I don’t exactly know why.

I do have a personal space – my personal diary. I have been writing a personal diary since the age of eleven.

So, I wonder why instead of choosing that personal space, I often choose the blog.

Perhaps, it has got something to do with the fact that I am more comfortable about sharing my life on the internet than most people. Does that make me a dirty-linen-washer-in-public?

I wonder if it does.

 Well, even if it does, is that a bad thing?

A man has got to vent somewhere. I am not as likely to tell my ‘real’ world about my intimate personal issues.

Nobody takes the risk of being judged.

Here, on the internet, even if you judge me, I wouldn’t know. You are less likely to shoot off an e-mail telling me how you felt about a post. Even if you cringe at the amount of personal details divulged in a post, you are less likely to comment and tell me off.

Also, writing about personal problems has earned me some blog friends for life. Allwin is one of them. We bonded over a post written on personal failure. I wonder if few of you would still be reading my blog had we not bonded over personal posts.

Writing about myself has largely been a good thing for me.

The most negative thing that can happen is I can piss a reader off by the over-emphasis on myself. That is a bad thing to happen. But, I need to vent somewhere.

The internet is really useful, in more ways than I had imagined.

How comfortable are you sharing your life as it is on the internet? How likely are to write a load-off? Also, while reading posts do you prefer the ones that have a personal touch, or do you love a detached approach?


(This work by Subhabrata Dasgupta is licensed under  Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.)

9 comments on “Writing “personally”!

  1. Beechmount says:


    Some bloggers just seem to thrive writing a dairy on line in which they express their feelings and days events, laying bare their soul to the public. It can have somewhat perilous consequences and a lot of readers simply get turned off by this. Like some says–who gives a dam.

    The key here is: “They don’t know you”

    Whatever you publish on line becomes information minable by any reader, who in the long run can create a rather detailed personality file on you.

    It is remarkable how many have been caught in a trap in some future event in which a person claims to be “this and that” or “never felt that way” or “never said that” et cetera; only to be referenced back to something he or she said in some social media, possibly quite a long ways back.

    I understand the notion of ‘unloading frustrations and feelings’—venting them to unburden a troubled soul, but if this makes you feel better, then establish a new blog in which you can deal with very personal matters and restrict who can read it—-family and very personal friends.

    It may be much more beneficial to you to have a ‘real’ as opposed to ‘virtual’ soul mate, with whom you can discuss (and discharge) the problems and frustrations you have.

    Cheers from grandpa

  2. Aadi says:

    You just won me with this post itself… I too am a bit personal in writing blogposts and can understand it quite well… It’s quite okay to write personally as there might be someone here or there who will share your same thoughts and will respond… like I’ve done ;)
    Anyways, will be reading more of you (but after the exams :P :( )
    God Bless

  3. This speaks my heart and mind. Well said. A great blog post!

  4. For me sharing your personal thoughts in your own blog is perfectly okay. Even i do that. For me, its not for gaining readership but for myself. And like minded people can give valuable insights into your thoughts….maybe give you a different direction/perspective on a particular issue. So no worries, keep on writing! That’s what matters….cheers!!! :)

  5. anawnimiss says:

    Well, thumbs up from me. I choose to share my deepest darkest secrets on my blog, and like you said, comments and likes come later. Hey, your blog, your rules!

  6. Beechmount says:

    In reading all the comments, it is clear that I hold a minority opinion with respect to baring one’s soul on a blog. Looking back, I guess we all did at one time;, only the media changed from a diary in book form to a blog on the internet, the latter being read by a large number of followers (or casual visitors to the blog), as opposed to to the old fashioned way, where reading was confined to the owner of the dairy. I have dairies dating back to my earliest teenage years and what a laugh I get out of reading the foolish thoughts and manifestations of insecurity I penned back then. Today, I still keep a form of dairy–I call it a journal, in which I record events in my life that has some significance, in addition to major news events from around the world and a lot of photos.picturing the same. I guess I must admit to being an old-fashioned person, with old fashioned ideas of what to do and what not to do. I won’t apologise for that though.

    Cheers from Grandpa

  7. Great post!
    Keep writing “personally”..and as they say :
    “Those who mind, don’t matter..and those who matter don’t mind” :) :)

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