To tame a beast.

She knew it from the outset that the beast was going to untameable.

She knew, and she prepared precisely for that – a wild, no-holds barred beast, and a subsequent no-rules slugfest.

And, she fought it out with the beast, getting down in the mud. But, its power was bursting out of its veins. It had fought a thousand battles like these, right in the corridors of power, from whence it had arrived. It fought like it had nothing else to do in life.

The beast’s technique was impeccable, and it looked like it was a master in its game. She had heard terrible things about the beast, and it doubled her dogged determination.

But, her strength and depth were found wanting. In reality, a scrawny girl like her had no chance in hell. And, she lost. . .

It hurt, it felt terrible, and she broke down.

“Please teach me how to fight. Show me the tricks of the trade, oh beast!”

Precisely at that moment, the beast’s heart melted.

That was a magical moment.


A new side to the beast emerged – that of

a teacher, a soft-talker, a guide, and a repository of know-how on how to fight.

And the two bonded. They talked.

For the first time, they talked, keeping aside pre-conceived, ill-conceived notions.

They asked questions, and got to know each other.

Disagreements were still there, though. But, they found a better way to find common ground. They drew their lines, and defined their comfort zones.

None breached the others’ personal zone, and ther

e were no fights, at least up to the time of writing this piece.

Pre-conceived notions can be deceptive. Rumours can be misleading, and hearsay is a trap for fools.

No matter how terrible a beast is, there is always a way to tame it.  

The trick is to find that way.



8 comments on “To tame a beast.

  1. Beechmount says:

    One might perhaps wonder who the beast is. Taming the beast within us is often a question of keeping it in bounds, which for many is a near impossible task. For those, whose misfortune it is to have to fight “the beast” there are few choices. Making the right one will determine the subsequent consequences.


  2. Beechmount says:

    I read the article and made a short comment on it. Best time for hangout would be around 7:30 pm your time, Let me know if this is OK (email me)

  3. Jessica says:

    Preconceived notions are the WORST!!! Great post, Subh.

  4. I have just started reading your blog and am following you. You speak from the heart, and that is refreshing to read. I thoroughly enjoy your writing and am looking forward to many more informative articles.Thank you.

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