Put yourself through the grind, doesn’t matter what it costs, doesn’t matter what it gives. Nothing has been promised, and it will never be. You do your own digging with your own hands. You’ve got to dig till the dirt in your nails starts to hurt. No tools for you, Sir.

You’ve got nothing to break your fall. So, you must fly well. Fly through dark clouds of despair; fly through sunny skies of promise. But, pray, don’t let fair or rough weather decide your spirits, for these are but illusions of the mind.

Don’t run this race; this is just a trap. Don’t trust these numbers, they inevitably lie. Learn. Learn to slow down. Learn when to slow down. Learn how to slow down.

The beauty of this game is in how it has most of the people fooled all of the time. Inflated egos, drooped shoulders, happy faces, sad faces – Oh! The variety of emotions this game manages to conjure up in the lives of its hapless players.

But, nevertheless, put yourself through the grind. Don’t be lazy. Don’t let inaction be your forte. If you’ve got to spend your time here, you might as well spend it trying to build something beautiful, you know, just so that the time passes fast.

At times, when this stuff feels too unreal, try to instil some belief. Believe! A man has to believe in something, lest he plans on becoming an ascetic. Even an ascetic believes. He believes in the way of his life, and hopes for some kind of deliverance in the afterlife.

So, no matter what happens, believe!

Believe, and put yourself through the grind.


8 comments on “Believe!

  1. Jessica says:

    This is fabulous. Yes, we must believe… Life is hard and plays tricks on us. Many give in to its game. But we must push through. We *will* come out victorious… It is SO good to see you again. I was just about to write you on facebook to see how you’re doing. It’s been too long. WAY too long. Blessings to you, always, Subh!!!!!

  2. Beechmount says:

    Welcome back from the land of somewhere!

    Yes, do believe, but first you musy beleive in yourself and thenchallenge your beliefs. Do not go blindfolded into the realm of your future, for-you will encounter unforeseen hindrances and blind curves in the road that leads you to the final outcome of your life. Belief is a strong motivation to succeed in the challenges that presents themselves when least expected, but it is mighty helpful to be prepared for circumstances that may confront your belief.

    Each life is composed of a set of complex circumstances, unique to every individual and only understood when the end of the road is reached and the truth of one’s beliefs are revealed..

    Sub, it’s wonderful to have you back. I realize that you no longer can devote the time to your blog that you used to, but let us all know how you are doing in your new job. It was nice video chatting with you on the Google circle (the hangout).

    Cheers from Grandpa

    • There are indeed circumstances that challenge you beliefs, and it is then that you lose belief in any kind of belief. Then you just go on working for the sake of it. This was composed under such circumstances.

      It feels very nice to be back in the the blogging loop once again. I am trying to devote the same kind of time to the blog as I did in the past. Hope I succeed. Looking forward to another Google Hangout pretty soon.

      Take care. Thanks 🙂

  3. LindaGHill says:

    Fantastic post Subh! Do you mind if I re-blog it?

  4. Not at all, pls go ahead. Thanks.

  5. Dagny says:

    There is a thread of pain in your post. You have shared some answers you’ve found. But a ‘why’ still perplexes you.

    I may, of course, be totally wrong about it. I just wrote what came to me after reading it twice.

    Was I wrong?

  6. You are right. There’s pain, and disillusionment behind this post. Not that sharp cutting pain, but a dull throbbing pain that acts as a constant reminder.

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