A fresh perspective.

It’s good to be back on the blog. I feel very bad when the blog is neglected for days together. But, I was helpless. The exams got over just yesterday, and I was supposed to post this sooner.

But, I was terribly sleep deprived, given the 4-hour sleep per day that I was having to do with, due the exams. So, after long, I slept for ten hours straight and woke up this morning feeling fresh.

I have arrived at a decision. Those who have been reading this blog regularly will have noticed a certain change in the tone of the articles that were being posted. They were turning political. I believe this blog is personal and it should always be that way. It is a little goofy, sometimes philosophical, and it tells a good story at times. This blog can’t deal with the uptight nature of a political analysis blog.

I created this blog when I was in the final year of college and it is a little amateurish. But, I guess I’d love that innocence to stay.

Plus, I wasn’t sure if it was fair to push political article down the readers’ throats. They have different expectations from this blog, I believe. So, I have created a separate blog for my political writings. I have named the blog “The Politically Incorrect”.

Here is the url of the first article : http://politicallyunbiased.wordpress.com/2013/04/11/the-battle-of-the-hash-tags-and-how-much-can-be-read-into-it/

So, readers will now have a choice of reading or not reading my political writing. As for this blog, it will continue with it’s usual genre of articles that made it what it is today.

One small note : the other blog’s settings are a little different. I will have to personally approve each comment before it can be published. I chose this setting because when you put your political thoughts out in the open, it is bound to have it’s share of haters or people who disagree. Even that is acceptable.

But, when people call you an agent of a political party, it is then when the boundaries should be set. This happens to journalists who are on twitter, all the time. They are bashed up online for having an opinion.

I don’t want any of that.
I look forward to reading your articles. I might have to do some bulk-reading of your articles, because of the backlog due to my exams.

The posts on this blog shall continue at it’s usual frequency – one post per day and since this is an update, it doesn’t count as a post. So, another post is coming up soon before the day ends. Happy reading to y’all!


One comment on “A fresh perspective.

  1. Jessica says:

    Yay! Glad to hear from you again, Subh, and I think your idea of creating a political blog is a good one. It is hard for me to relate to the politics there, since I know so little. It’s nice to hear you’ll be keeping your personal thoughts/insights going, as well. I hope you did well on your exams. I’m sure you did! Best to you!

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