India’s own Frankenstein.

It is said when you raise a monster, you must deal with it’s consequences. The same can be said of India with regards to it’s Sri Lanka policy.
In the 80’s, disgruntled Tamils in Sri Lanka were organising themselves into an outfit, that would eventually challenge the Sinhalese supremacy.

The outfit had found logistical and moral funding from the Indian State, along with a safe haven for guerrila warfare training.
The Sri Lankan nemesis has now come back to haunt the Indian policy makers. It all started with the U.S. backed resolution against Sri Lanka at a U.N. Meet at Geneva.

The resolution criticised the atrocities against Sri Lankan tamils committed for a period of 26 years during the civil war in the country. It also “encouraged” the Sri Lankan authorities for better rehabilitation and social equity.

The proposed resolution was itself a watered down version of a more aggressive earlier draft, but it was a significant symbolic gesture.

India voted for the resolution at the meet but the general criticism was that the Indian representative had not particularly spoken for an “independent international probe”.

Listed below are some reasons that forced India to take an emasculated stand when it comes to the Sri Lankan Tamil issue :

* An Independent International probe would’ve revealed the dark history of the Indian Peace-keeping force in the later part of the 26 years of civil war. Gory details of how Tamils of Indian origin were hunted down by the force will surely not go down very well the Tamil electorate.

* Demanding an International probe would also give Sri Lanka and India’s other unfriendly neighbours a golden opportunity to bring a similiar resolution against India for the human rights violations committed in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir in peace time. Pakistan would take that any given day.

* With nuclear enabled neighbours Pakistan and China already hostile towards India, India pins hopes on Sri Lanka to maintain stability in the Indian sub-continent. The recent interest of China in funding of the Hambantota port, which could be used as a probable military base by the Chinese, is to be viewed with suspicion.

The proximity of the port would then render the whole of India susceptible to missile attacks, given the Chinese missiles’ ranges.

Under these circumstances, India’s soft policy towards Sri Lanka is unlikely to change in the coming years. It’ll be interesting to see how India handles the protests by Tamils back home. Politically speaking, the ruling coalition UPA has already been alienated from the political leadership of the Southern states, with the DMK pulling out and the AIADMK supremo bringing a resolution against the Indian Government, today in the State Assembly.

It will interesting to note the developments in the coming months because India’s foreign policy with regards to Sri Lanka is unlikely to change any time soon.


16 comments on “India’s own Frankenstein.

  1. Beechmount says:

    I do believe I just read an article coming off the desk of a journalist-or budding journalist. Good work there, young chap.

  2. This was my first political article. I’ve started a new category “Politics” just to learn how to write professionally. I was waiting for some feedback. I’m glad it first came from you 🙂

  3. gita4elamats says:

    I’m interested in this topic, can you tell me more about the Sri Lankan situation?

    • The Sri Lankan situation is a decades old animosity between the Sinhalese who are the absolute majority and the Indian Tamil settlers. Whenever there is suppression there is also an uprising. The LTTE was a result of that uprising which took on a violent form. After 26 years of civil war the LTTE was finally defeated in 2009. There is this long history of war and peace time human rights violation that India was a silent spectator to. This is now coming back to haunt both nations.

  4. Rambler says:

    Subhabrata, well written. The issue is like fire – having the capability to burn down the very fabric of Tamil society. The people of Tamil Nadu have a genuine bond with their brethren across the Palk Straits – which the people of other parts can simply not understand. The problem is the silly poltical games being played by the political and nationalist parties in Tamil Nadu, and the Central Govt., which is literally sleepwalking through the entire crisis with no policy and no common sense. After many years o war, Sri Lanka is seeing peace, howsoever fragile. Rather than acting by tact and diplomacy, some people just want to stoke the embers for political gain. Some people do want to see the world burn !!

    • If by ‘some people’, you mean the Tamil political parties in India, I believe they have a reason to dig out old skeletons. Just because forgetting and forgiving is the more peaceful alternative, it doesn’t mean it is the best one . What do you think?

      • Rambler says:

        I only wish they were doing this out of genuine concern for the people. They stood by when the massacres were carried out. They eulogised the LTTE when he massacred innocent civilians and used Tamil children as soldiers. Now, when the Tamils in the island are making peace – suddenly, they wake up? Highly suspicious. There is a chance for them to reap political dividends by playing a game of political upmanship. I think we have no option but to wait for time to show the consequences of this great game. There are no easy answers. What is important is that they genuinely stand by what they decide. Not play with the emotions.

      • You’re right. I can see your logic. Perhaps the same logic is also used by pro-Modi voices who plead for him to be forgiven and given a chance. The only way is forward and forcing Modi to face punishment for his role may disturb peace in the state.

  5. Jessica says:

    I agree with Grandpa. Great work!

  6. I can see that a lot of research and reading was involved behind this post.

    Way to go journalist Saahab 🙂

    And how did your exams go? I know this is out of context. I am just curious.

  7. Exams were good. So far so good 🙂

  8. sharma3361 says:

    Great article on indian political scenario prevalent in india today , the list of parties given below are all responsible for the mess ….List of all POLITICAL PARTIES FULL FORM

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