We are not alone.

When dark clouds start to gather with ominous signs signalling an impending storm, man runs. Man runs to his own, to his kin.
Man, they say, is a social beast.
Even despite all his individual prowess and acquired glory, man is nothing without his kin.

This truth is universal and we bequeath it from the cavemen and our relatives – the apes. Man is not an unmanned dinghy, governed by the whims of the angry sea and the gusts of the mischief mongering wind.

Man is a boat, tethered to the harbour. Some boats have longer ropes, while some prefer a shorter tether. But man is tethered, invariably.

Among the many experiences that have touched and transformed me, one is watching a wildlife documentary about a lioness and a gazelle cafe.

The lioness was in dire straits. She was in the later part of her life, and abandoned by her pride. She lived in the wilderness of the Savanna, all my herself.

Hungry, weak and lonely, she had surrendered herself to fate and awaited her death.

Then, a miracle happened.

She found a gazelle calf, that was recently orphaned by an attack driven by hunger.

Somehow, the two bonded. An instant connect happened. They became mother-daughter. The lioness had nothing to offer to the calf, not even the milk from her bosom.

Yet, the calf followed her, and she let herself be followed. The two became inseparable. But, life isn’t a fairy-tale.
Their friendship was a mismatch. Nature was against them. Hunger overpowered both of them. The lioness had her prey stalking her all the time, but she wouldn’t kill her new found daughter.

The calf was the last flicker of life before death blew out the candle of her life.
The calf, visibly weakened, resorted to eating grass, but it’s system rejected the foliage.

One day, the fairy-tale ended. The calf was hunted down by a rogue lion who lived nearby and the lioness was never seen again. Days later, she was discovered dead.

A study of her stomach implied that she had died with no food in her system. This was the best experience from my Animal Planet watching sessions. I watch wildlife documentaries to understand life better.

It is amazing how much you can learn from animals. The lioness found a reason to live for few more days and she revolted against nature. In that exact moment, she rose from her beastly nature and she became more of a human. More like us. Even better than some of us?

Man is like that. Today’s voice sings for indivualism and personal space. That granted, even now, man is no different from his caveman avatar.

We live for others more than we live for ourselves. We want to see smiles on people’s faces. We want them to be happy. Sometimes we succeed. Sometimes we don’t. But that effort to make the other person smile keep us ALIVE.

We strive. We strive for happiness. The people around us are the only yardsticks by which we judge our actions and their rewards. We are not alone. This is good, this is much better than living all by ourselves in the Himalayan caves.

Man was simply not designed for that. We live for others. We are not alone. We live for others’s smiles, which is good. Isn’t it?

P.S. : My latest adventure involves trying to figure Twitter out. Are you on twitter? Do you have any tips on how and why to use it? Kindly share in comments.


4 comments on “We are not alone.

  1. Beechmount says:

    Twitter–no thanks, I have better things to do in my life than twitting twitty twits about nothing important or follow other twitters, who twits about completely unimportant things-trivialities in life—-jeepers- give me a break. It’s a complete waste of precious time that can be applied toward something useful.


  2. Jessica says:

    This was beautiful, Subh. It *is* amazing when nature goes against its nature in a beautiful tale like that, even if it couldn’t last…

    We are not alone, I agree.

    Also I agree with Grandpa. I wish I had lots of great advice to give about it. Alas, the only time I ever post anything is when I post something on my blog. And I really never read what others post. It takes WAY too much time. (My blog alone already eats up a lot of my time!) Anyway, my advice would be not to worry about it too much. Use it in conjunction with your blog, but don’t worry about perfecting all the #hash tags and stuff like that. It’s just not worth it.

    You may, however, pick up more tips as you start your new job. It seems journalists are into that kind of thing.

  3. Rambler says:

    A lioness going against nature to keep the faith of her prey – the kind of things that happen only in dreams. This was surreal. Had an impact on me and reinforced mt=y faith in humanity. Strange that the better lessons of humanity we learn from those, who are not humans,.

  4. simplyMohit says:

    “We live for others. We are not alone. We live for others’s smiles, which is good. Isn’t it?” Very touching dada

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