Where have all the moustaches gone?

The Australian Cricket Team are on a tour of India. Former Australian cricketer Merv Hughes also visited India shortly.
He was seen in the stands, watching his cricket.

Hughes, in one of his interviews to the media, lamented the death of fabulous moustaches that cricketers of the past had.

I can understand Merv’s agony. Not only in cricket, but also in the various walks of life, there has been a depressing decline of wonderful moustaches.

When the first men’s whitening lotion came out in India, I knew for certain that the myth of the Tall, Dark and Handsome Indian has been busted.

But what followed exceeded my expectations. There has been this attempt to stunt all signs of manhood. People want to be stuck with the man-boyish image – a person who looks as if he’s in his twenties, but is really older.

This man-boy is a metrosexual avatar. He has carefully waxed all his body hair, even from the most sensitive of areas, in a bid to be desirable to the opposite sex.

He carries a facewash tube in one pocket and a fair and lovely lotion in the other. (one of my friends does this).
He tries to look “kewl”.

A moustache is almost criminal nowadays. I have been blessed with excellent foliage on my face and I can manage beards and moustaches pretty well.

I revolted and grew a handlebar moustache in 2012. It stayed for months together. I can’t describe how wonderful it felt. Whenever my hands were free, they would just meander over to the moustache and stroke it self-assuredly.

For me, a moustache is the ultimate sex appeal. (sorry ladies if this is grossing you out).
I’m also a beliver in keeping hair wherever it is. No waxing.

I can’t fathom as to why popular media always projects people in an avatar that is unnatural. Female models are nymph like and anorexic.
Male models are all well built Greek Gods who do not tolerate body hair.

The moustache is dying in sports, cinema, and in our everyday lives. Why can’t someone who’s 23 grow a moustache?

Who says that moustaches are only for the Dads and Uncles? It is time to do away with the image of the forever twenty something man-boy and to allow the man within to take over.

Also, I believe the moustache is only a symbol of the multi-faceted changes that take place in our minds as we transit from boyhood to full-fledged manhood!

Let the moustaches grow!


10 comments on “Where have all the moustaches gone?

  1. Jessica says:

    Whitening lotion for men in India is ridiculous. Funny that in the States everyone just wants to be tan.

    The hair thing, on the other hand? To each his own, I suppose. I’ve always like a clean-shaven man.

  2. SimplyMohit says:

    Just another phase. Will pass out soon.

  3. You give me hope πŸ™‚

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