A genre and a muse.

From the time I started blogging, I’ve often wondered what my genre of writing is.
When I registered my blog with various blog directories, I was given a form to fill up.

In that form, there was almost always a section which demanded you to write the genre of your blog. After much hesitation and ado, I decided to write PERSONAL – an all-encompassing genre that can include many things.

But, I have always sought to write under a certain genre. I’ve even sent mails and facebook messages to fellow bloggers asking them to state the type of writing in which I excel with natural ease.

The general consensus was that I shouldn’t stick to any particular type of writing and that I should just write whatever appeals to my senses.

That, my friends, is the best piece of advice I have ever recieved. Today, one year and three months after starting this blog, I feel that I have finally discovered my genre and my muse, too.

Life happens as we are busy making other plans. A genre appears of its own, as we go on writing.
Looking back, I realise that my genre has been LIFE and my muse, all along, has been INDIA.

This benign land, that has never, in it’s entire history, attacked any other nation, is my MUSE.
India gave to the world the tenets of Non Violence.

Two ancient religions of the world, Hinduism and Buddhism were born in this land. The land of elephants, snakes and sadhus – as often portrayed in popular American and European cinema, has much more to it than it’s jungles and ascetics and slums.

Conquered and ruled by the Mughals, the Portuguese, the English, the French, the Spanish for hundreds of years, it is only a miracle that India hasn’t lost it’s originality.

Rather, after amalgamating with various cultures and traditions of the rulers, India gave birth to a cosmopolitan culture – unique to India alone.

India is also home to the dwindling remnants of the Parsi population – persecuted elsewhere.

This is a significant discovery for me. Those who know me or have been reading my posts, will know that I have this long cherished desire to see my name in print someday.

As of now, it is nothing concrete. But, yes that is a goal for the longer run.
But, if I were to become famous someday, or if my name is to appear in print, it will be only because of INDIA.

I’m loving this discovery.
It seems to me that now this land speaks to me a bit more. The rivers talk to me louder than ever and the scent of spring in the air is sweeter.

I can see stories everywhere. Perhaps, I’ll write about them soon.

Till then, cheers to blogging. Cheers to life.


13 comments on “A genre and a muse.

  1. soumyav says:

    Great sharing of your thoughts Subh! you will surely leave a mark someday coz of INdia!

  2. Jessica says:

    I believe this is the most well-written post I’ve seen from you thus far, Subh. Yes, India is your muse, and she is a wonderful one, too. Funny that my own home could never be my muse. I’ll have to ponder on that for a while.

    I’m going to be like Grandpa for a minute, though: You fill “out” (or, occasionally, fill “in”) a form, not “fill up” a form—at least in American English. (Not sure about Canadian or elsewhere.)

    So glad you listened to your friends’ advice!

  3. Thanks again. Actually, technically speaking, English is my first language. I’ve lost touch with my mother tongue Bengali and our national language Hindi and I can hardly write as fluently.

    This is a result of a childhood spent in public schools which are called “English medium” schools here. Asians, especially Indians and the Chinese stress a lot to ensure that their children are well versed in English. But the sad fact is that, in doing so, they are losing touch with their native tongues.(which is why I plan to start a Hindi blog soon).

  4. This post took me down the memory lane. It reminded me of the conversations we used to have.

    I am so happy for your discovery Subh. 🙂

    And Hindi Blog… When? 🙂

    • Yes Allwin, I asked you about the genre thing and you advised me to write whatever I wanted to 🙂 . Hindi blog will come as soon as I finish revising Hindi grammar and spellings. I’ve lost touch 😦

  5. Mohit Jain says:

    I fully support you for the hindi blog thing. 🙂

  6. Thanks Mohit, and I shall wait for your blog with great expectations 🙂 I know you have it in you.

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