Thoughts on the writing journey.

When I was 12 or 13 (I don’t remember accurately), I wrote a poem. Not in English. But in Hindi.
I was very excited and showed it to my Hindi teacher and asked him how it was.

He said, “Take this home and keep this inside a chest. Open it after 5 years and read it. You’ll know how it is”.

It was a pretty sophisticated way of saying that it sucked! It was perhaps to shield his real feelings about the poem.

But, now when I think of it, I really get what he meant. As you grow older, you tend to become a better judge of your own work.

I’m glad I wrote that poem that sucked. I believe it was the start of the effort to write – to create something.

Over the years, that effort to create has taken various forms – from creating music, drawings, song writing.

It has finally culminated in writing blogs. Even now that thing persists. I read my earlier blogposts, and shake my head gravely.

Everything seems to be wrong about the earlier posts. The length – the tone – the style. But the thing is that I can’t disown them. I can’t edit them because they are well documented journals that capture my evolution as a blogger. They are ME – a less evolved me.

Also, it makes me glad that I started writing at some point, hence allowing myself to be in a position to critique my own writing. I also realise that the early bird catches the worm.

The earlier you start something, the more time you give yourself to learn and improve. One more important thing that I’ve learnt is that there’s no end to perfection.

What I write today will seem like shit tomorrow. But it will always be special. Because it is MY writing.
The key is persistence.

I’m glad to be blogging.

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4 comments on “Thoughts on the writing journey.

  1. Avani says:

    Very true! I can relate to this, not only with respect to writing, but, everything about me. “Was that me?” “How could I be so stupid?” sound very familar to me, and will always do. 😀 Oh btw, no offence to your blog. You write well.

  2. I guess that in all of us there is this urge to share our innermost thoughts and feelings and hope that it finds resonance somewhere.So we express ourselves from time to time in different ways. But yes, as we evolve , sometimes the affected way in which we sometimes express ourselves can become embarassint to our our own better discerning minds as we grow in years and wisdom. That’s okay , I feel. It’s a sign that we are growing:-) Keep writing 🙂

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