We look for closure in life. Be it anything, we wish for it have a formal, satisfying closure.

When the closure is absent, it sets off a certain reaction in some obscure corner of the brain where you keep on thinking about it.

It is unhealthy for your sake to harbour negative feelings about somebody, but when you’ve been caused harm by that person, you can’t help but hope for a befitting revenge.

When somebody harms you and leaves, this causes a thought chain to build – “Is he suffering from guilt?” – “Does he regret?” – “Will he be punished?”.

We hope for poetic justice to set it’s wheels in motion. We want that person to suffer as much, if not more than what we did. It is pretty tough to switch off the brain from wasting energy on such futile thoughts.

Perhaps some comfort can be drawn from the knowledge that KARMA catches up with everyone. It is like the old judge who punishes and rewards the deserving.

Good Karma = rewards.
Bad karma = punishments.

Perhaps it is naive but it is very comforting to assume that the world functions like that. It is good that we fear the consequences of our actions.

It is good that we don’t go about hunting for revenge because there is belief that KARMA will do that.

It really does take a load off the brain. Let’s hope KARMA really works well.


4 comments on “Karma

  1. Jessica says:

    I’m afraid in this life it doesn’t usually work that way. Certainly it seems many wicked men do flourish, anyway… This is why we hope for another life. Be it through reincarnation or something else.

  2. soumyav says:

    Good thought and expression Subh!

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