A really dark poem.

If you see me in some land,
with my head buried in the sand,
please show me the broken mirror,
and tell me its my error.

Please give me some sandpaper.
I appeal to your good nature,
for I need to wipe my tears,
and I need to face my fears.

Get me some good poison,
without asking me the reason.
Please walk away after that,
as I kill the inner brat.

if you see me shedding skin,
please tell me it’s no sin.
Burn me with your fire,
help me kill all desire.

And when i’m made a-new,
please tell me i look good.
Try not to stare at my scar,
and tell me I’ve come far.


9 comments on “A really dark poem.

  1. lgyslaine says:

    A very strong poem. Do you have a lack of confidence? Or doubts?

  2. Monika Amita Bakshi says:

    the last stanza is the best and the most appealing one. I like!

  3. soumyav says:

    A poem which for me reflects the growing up in every phase of life through mistakes,experiences and hurdles. A continous process of evolving when very few be with you and the thought of losing all sometimes makes us top.The sense of feeling and confidence that someone would be there when you go through your evolution gives confidence and strength. it was very touching,Subh

  4. I’m really glad that you interpreted this poem so well 🙂 . Thanks 🙂

  5. Each of us have to face our ‘inner demons’ at time my friend… a strong poem but we each of us go through these phases of looking in the mirror, and not liking what we see… To change from within often means going through insecurity and pain as we open up past wounds..
    Healing our inner selves takes patience and love… And to love oneself is also hard….
    We are like an onion, we are made up of many layers and we peel them away one by one…..
    Wishing you well as you travel upon your journey of SELF DISCOVERY
    Sue Dreamwalker .. and many thanks for dropping by Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary

  6. I tell you my friend. Even with the scar you look good and you’ve come very far.
    Now smile. 🙂

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