I’ll figure out

Bloggers, or blog-tivists are often accused of losing touch with the grass-roots. The grass-roots are important.

You have to be able to put your ear to the ground and listen to the heart-beat of the people.
We are like this elite group of people who think alike, have lofty ideals, but we haven’t yet gone to the villages or the streets, where real India lives and breathes.

Untill we do that, we will sound half-hearted, no matter how many broad truths we broadcast.

What does the Average Indian Woman feel?
Does she know there are women’s rights?
Or, is she suprised when you tell her that women too have rights?

Does she realise that it is not ‘okay’ when her husband beats her up? Or that it is illegal to demand dowry?

We need to shut up and make that voice heard.
With regards to that, I think we still have a long way to go. We have to figure it out. I know it’s something like stirring the hornet’s nest or opening Pandora’s box.

But, someone has to do the job. I know it’s easier to evoke a response when tempers are running high, and everyone is clamouring for revenge.
But, when the crescendo fades away, it is then that we realise how alike we are with a mob.

I’ve been feeling detached to the blog of late. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Honestly, I want to do something worthy. I want to amount to something. I want to help people, help my nation.

I’ve been feeling let down, too. I had mailed a few so-called top-notch Indian bloggers. A few replies would’ve been nice. That is why I’m not a big fan of incredibly popular blogs. The human element is lost.

Perhaps, blogging was a good start. A fantastic start.
Now, it’s time for something else.

Public initiatives don’t always work. A man must learn to work alone. I’ll figure out a way. Thanks.

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6 comments on “I’ll figure out

  1. Beechmount says:

    I think you are finally getting the point. You can write enumerable blogs about some cause-some injustice-some societal wrong-doings and get a response from many who follows you, but it is highly unlikely to make a difference or create results.

    The idea of getting a magazine off the ground may be quite a good idea as I previously indicated. What you said about “going out into the Indian village” has fundamentally some merits to it, for rather than write a short blog about the experience and results from interviews etc, such a venture could form the basis for an expose of Indian village life and if written as an essay or journalistic description, it could be published in an on-line magazine.
    If you can find support for this, let me know. I have some ideas for such a magazine.
    PS/ keep that nose of yours in the math books.

  2. Yes that nose is in the right place. I’ve decided to do go ahead with this – ALONE. Work will start April onwards. Please mail me some suggestions.

    • Beechmount says:

      Give me a couple of days or so. Valentine’s day today and my 75th birthday tomorrow-celebrations and all that.

  3. Jessica says:

    I’m happy to assist as I can! But I think Grandpa knows a lot more…

  4. I completely agree with you but, why have you decided to go ahead with this – ALONE.

    Alone in caps, what message does that send out?

  5. A message that I will do it, participation notwithstanding 🙂

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