Vinodhini, a victim of an acid attack has lost the battle for life. She is no more. She died of  cardiac arrest today at around 9:00 a.m. Her family is so broke. There are no words to console her parents.

Vindodhini was a B.Tech.  graduate.  She worked in a private firm. She was the only child to her parents. After completing her studies she went to work and became the breadwinner of the family. Her father, Jayapal, worked as a watchman in a private school in Karaikal. After visiting her parents at Karaikal for Diwali, she was on the way to board a bus to Chennai accompanied by her father when Suresh hurled acid on her. 32-year-old Suresh alias Appu wanted to marry her but, she rejected him. He couldn’t handle it and decided to take vengeance on her by disfiguring her face.

Like Jyothi Singh Pandey she wanted to live life in spite of what she went through. The girl lost sight after the acid attack. Doctors said that she would need artificial eyeballs to regain sight and it would take six months to reconstruct her face. She had hopes that she’ll get through this and she’ll be fine. She wanted to get back to work, support her family and take care of them.

It is also said that her parents had filed a complaint against Suresh for troubling her. If only the police had taken immediate action on him. Vinodhin’s father now cries out for justice. He says this attack was a planned one. Suresh along with his friends had conspired the acid attack. He wants every single person who was involved to be punished.

I am depressed. I seriously do not know where are we heading to. When will my side of sex learn to treat other women as human beings? I don’t have a clue. 😦



  1. Yes. One more rape. This time by a 12 year old.

  2. Beechmount says:

    I hate to hit the “like” button”- the story is depressingly sad to read. It seems such attacks are becoming more frequent.

    • As Meenakshi has rightly pointed out in her comment below, it is just that such incidents are being reported more often in the media after the Delhi gang rape incident. Thegood thing that’s come of it is that such incidents are getting enough public attention now. One can only hope that this would urge the the Indian government to take appropriate actions to protect women.

  3. It is not that these things weren’t happening before, It is just that they are being reported more often in the media now. Though it doesn’t make the situation any better, we can atleast have the grim satisfaction of knowing that things are not being swept blindly under the carpet of hypocrisy and “culture” anymore.

    My heart goes out to Vinodhini and her family.

  4. lgyslaine says:

    It is really shocking and the adjective is not strong enough

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