Why men hate women.

It seems that the world hates women – including women themselves.
To understand that this statement is not an exaggeration, one would not have to look far. Our surroundings are replete with such examples.

Why does man – the creature with strength, brains, and courage have to hate a woman, who, apparently is weak, puny and non confrontational.

Everyday, there is some news about women being subjected to oppression.

Every corner of the world is infected with this female-phobia. Not just poor Asian Nations, but Europe and America as well. Women’s freedom is still a relatively new idea there.

So, what is it, about this creature with a beautiful soft voice and timid countenance that invites so much wrath and repulsion the world over?

It is the power of denial (not the river in Egypt).
Women have this singular power of denial that brings man to his knees, begging, pleading, frustrated and angry.

Man is used to having his way, he goes where he wishes to, he hunts what he wants, he is the temple priest and not some woman because his relations with God are apparently better.

He can play various sports because he is the one who is stronger. He can participate in the war because he doesn’t lose his appetite over a little blood and gore. He is EVERYTHING.

But, a man also needs to have sex – for his physical, mental and psychological well being and his sanity as well. That – he cannot do by himself. In that act, he needs the consent of a woman. Damn! He was almost invincible!

Deeply seated within the mind of a man is his fear of rejection. This fear is further accentuated by a woman’s power of selection. If you look in mother nature, you will see that the female selects, while the male competes to stand out in order to be selected.

This is not very different in our world, as well, if you observe carefully. The deepest fear of a man is being told that he is not good enough, that he is inadequate. He fears the moment when a woman says, “I refuse to engage in copulation with you”.

His ego is shattered and he suffers badly. It is out of this fear that man created systems that were in his favour. He created traditions that made sure the woman was suppressed and that she could never say no to his advances.

It is this fear that makes old jerks fear jeans, westernisation, mobile phones, porn, free thought, computer and et al.

A man loves to be in control. A woman snatches this control in the most important department – “the bedroom”. The moment she says, “Not tonight. Big headache”, man realises he has been done in.

Hence, the hatred.


10 comments on “Why men hate women.

  1. Monika Amita Bakshi says:

    Superb language, as always! šŸ™‚

    However, I am not sure whether it’s my ignorance or lack of understanding of what you tried to communicate in this blog that made me think otherwise.

    Firstly, what is female-phobia? I didn’t get that!
    Secondly, the post discussed at length about the invincible nature of man – his make and built. (Maybe I couldn’t figure out the meaning!! who knows!)
    Thirdly, do “men” as in “all men” HATE women? I doubt. Fear of being rejected? I agree with that. But where is the corelation between a man’s hatred for woman and a woman’s “right” to say NO to sex? I really couldn’t get that.

    Honestly, I couldn’t grasp the message in this blog post. šŸ˜¦ I am ready to hear you out? Can you explain the crux for that matter?

    • Hi šŸ™‚ i don’t know why your comment was caught by Akismet as spam.

      I thought this post was too obvious and only reiterating the know facts.
      Female phobia – the fear that a woman shall have ultimate control over man. This fear is vividly expressed by Grand Mufti Bashiruddin, kap panchayats, village panchayats, dear baba asaram, hindu hardline factions who beat up people on V day, muslim hardline factions, the aunty who gave you the look when you wore that tight jeans, the uncles who ogle at you – you must have seen the unbirdled expression of this fear.

      “MAN” here means every man who has ever, by means of thought, action, or gesture violated a woman physically, mentally or psychologically.

      WOMAN – every one who is biologically a woman.

      I thought hate was probably too strong a word. But I couldn’t find a suitable replacement. Read it as a feeling of jealousy, wanting to overpower and randomly beat up.

      THE CRUX OF THE POST – radical as it may sound, it is clear as daylight to me that at the base of every crime against women, every case of verbal or non verbal intimidation, there lies this sexual tension. Think about it.

      Why burqa, why not jeans? Because deep down the caveman feels that his woman is flaunting her assets to ‘get some’.
      Why no mobile phones? Because she might talk to guys.
      Why no porn? Because she might start having wanton desires and choose another man.

      The Mother of all weapons – the Hymen : to ensure that a woman is ‘pure’. To ensure that she’ll have sex with only one man – her lord , her swami.

      I thought the association was quite obvious. (gives insanely cute confused look).

  2. Always at your service, Ma’am šŸ™‚

  3. Elizabeth Ayers says:

    Very interesting. And while somewhat morbid, I couldn’t help laughing at the faulty invinciblity of man. “Damn! He was almost invincible!”

    But do you think modern Western culture’s radical feminist wave (promoted by both women and men, but mostly women) will simply promote further hatred and objectification of women? (I’m talking about radical feminism, where women are equal to/greater than man, and have as much right to sports, hunting, priesthood, battle, guts, gore, and the forward, advancing attitude in relationships. Not the kind of feminism which states that although men and women are equal, they’re physically and psycholgically different and should eb treated as such.)

  4. That, Elizabeth, is a territory where I shall tread carefully lest I utter a word wrong. Ultra feminism is okay with me as long as the same women don’t expect some leniency for their gender, don’t expect less harsher penalties for the same crimes, don’t expect men to open doors for them, don’t expect chivalry. This is a double edged sword.

Let me know what you are thinking. . .

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