A good blog.

More often than not, those who write for blogs also enjoy reading blogs by other people.
They say, to write, one must first read.

It is a common lament amongst people that time is so sparse that they do not find enough hours to gobble up books.

At such a juncture, blogs do a marvellous job in keeping the reading habit alive. They are short, fun, and often skip-reading enabled.

One might read on public transit. Or during eating a burger or roti at lunch hour. Some read everywhere.

But, with so many blogs, there comes the necessity of following good blogs.

You don’t want your reader feed to be spammed with posts you don’t want to read.
One wonders, “What is a good blog? How do I know it when I read one”.

I attempted to jot down a few pointers on identifying a good blog. However, this list might be tainted by personal bias.
It is not, by any stretches of imagination, an exhaustive list.

1. Grammar

Perhaps I round snobish but that’s how it goes. I can’t read a blog that’s replete with grammatical errors.

2. An About Page

I need a clearly written About Page. That’s because when I follow a blog, I’m building a potential relationship with the author. I like it if the human aspect is kept alive through an introductory about page.

3. No hidden agendas, please.

Sadly, many people consider blogs as free and easy vehicles of promotion. They want their blogs to sell books, coffee mugs, spa packages and what not.

Even that works fine with me, but when it is not explicitly stated, it upsets me. Don’t pose as what you aren’t. If you are a self published author out there on a marketing pitch, be honest and forthcoming about it.

Don’t make it read like you are an author out there to give valuable advice to budding authors.

4.Fair people.

I’m a big fan of people who are fair, who admit mistakes, who apologise, who welcome a counter opinion. There is this self published author whose blog I used to follow.

The initial posts were good. He used to write about the art of writing and artists. But then he went to crowdfunding to finance an art website. The good posts vanished.

Every other post was about asking for money. Now for some strange reason I found myself on the wrong side of this author. He had already blocked me from his blog’s facebook page.

So, I left a comment on his post – “I miss the posts about writing”. So this guy was a sort of a blogger who loved control.
His settings were such that he personally had to approve each comment before it could be posted on his blog.

For some reason, he never approved my comment.
I unfollowed.

5. Honesty.

I value honesty more than any human attribute. You might not be talented, or successful, but mark my words, if you are honest, no harm shall come to you.

I believe honest people are always looked after by the One Above. I’ve seen that with my Dad. He sort of has a guardian angel/divine protection.

So how can a blog be honest?
To start with, it can speak what is in it’s writer’s heart. No fear. No dilution. If a blogger wants to write erotica, so be it. But he must write honest erotica. Or readers understand. Readers have a sort of a sixth sense in this regard.

Everytime a blogger posts something it must come from one place – his heart.
I also savor passionate blogging.

It thrills me and inspires me to give my best to writing.

So, this is about it. Please feel free to add your criteria the comments.

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8 comments on “A good blog.

  1. Rachna says:

    Hi Subh! The way you write your blog honestly…in a same way you expressed your feelings and thoughts regarding good blogs which you prefer to follow and read….this is your grt quality. You are very clear about your preferences. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jessica says:

    I agree with everything above. And I know what blogger you’re talking about in #4.

  3. soumyav says:

    very rightly said Subh.I too am very careful in following blogs.And unless anyone’s work,thoughts or the person connects with me I do not think of following him/her.

  4. Thanks for sharing your preferences πŸ™‚

  5. lgyslaine says:

    I am right with you. One blog is interesting when the author speak with his words and his heart. When there is plagiarism or tentative to sell books, I find that that, brake all good relations between reader and author. And my priority is too, to be honest. Have a good day πŸ™‚

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