I watch a show called Neeya Naana in Vijay TV (You or me). A talk show which is aired every Sunday at 9:30 PM – 11:00 PM. The incidents and the conversations that were aired last week and the week before left me disturbed.  The topic discussed a couple of weeks ago was – How true is the saying “The face is the index of the mind.”

It started as a debate on how people judge others based on theirs physical appearance? But it ended on a very disturbing note.

Shanthi a victim of an acid attack had a story to tell. People often admired her for having a pleasing personality and beauty. She was loved by her family members too. One fine day she along with her family members pay a visit to a relative’s place.  All of a sudden she is tied the wedding knot there. Both Shanthi and her parents are perplexed. They do not have the slightest of idea the drama that had just unfold. However, the relatives of the groom’s side convince Shanthi and her parents. They say that the boy loves her and he would take great of her.

Years go by and Shanthi gives birth to kids. She also discovers that her husband is a drunkard.  He has doubts about his wife. He often fights with her and abuses her. The doubts about his wife pushes him to an act of extreme cruelty. He gets really drunk and returns home. He pours acid on Shanthi’s face and on the children while they are sleeping.

When asked about how does it make her feel? All she says is “My husband shouldn’t have done that. Spurting out words of anger wouldn’t change a single thing. In my case being beautiful has almost cost me my life. After this incident most my relatives do not invite me to attend marriages or family functions. I’ve learned to live my life without them. I live my life for my children. More than me its my children who have been affected physically, psychologically and emotionally.”

Kudos to this brave lady.The acid attack may have disfigured her face but it could not bring down her will power to live.

Shanthi is not the first victim and she is not the last either. I am lost for words. What drives the perpetrators to commit such a sadistic and a grave crime? How do you explain it?  Who is blamed – Girls for being beautiful, Liquor stores for selling it or the girl’s family for tolerating everything… Do we have laws that are strong enough to convict such criminals?



  1. gita4elamats says:

    Shanti said, ‘In my case being beautiful has almost cost me my life.’
    I think it was his barbaric lack of character and self-control and not her beauty, that was the problem here.
    As Allwin said, ‘Kudos to this brave lady’!

  2. soumyav says:

    tolerance sometimes is taken as a form of weakness ..in many cases prices for such inherent possessions cost this and much more. Time to cleanse the way our society thinks and acts.

  3. And a belief that a woman is somebody’s personal possession. In fact in Manusmriti, it says “a woman, prior to her marriage is to live under subjugation of her father; after her marriage, in subjugation of her husband; and after being widowed, in subjugation of her son.”

  4. In some pockets where development is yet to reach, this sort of thinking is still alive.

  5. Victim of yet another acid attack in Adambakkam. It’s so depressing. 😦
    I am starting to lose hope. I am not sure what to do.

  6. What the hell is wrong? Why can’t some men take rejection?

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