A candy dilemma – an ode to simpler times.

I am lost in the plethora of colours. Which colour should I chose? Which colour will taste the sweetest? Is there any easier way of finding out without putting one in my mouth?

I only have a ₹ 2 coin in the pocket of my shorts and the candies are of so many hues! Sheer injustice!
Oh! How am I to know? How am I to make this choice? I’m just a little boy with a ₹ 2 coin, out to buy candy after lunch.

The shopkeeper stands over there, arms akimbo, amused at my dilemma, smiling sheepishly. He can help. But he won’t.

“It’s your choice, kid!”.

Fine! If I have to make a choice, I will.
The Red one looks tempting. Oh wait! I think I’ll have the yellow one. It matches with my shorts.
Naah! Okay, final call. The sky blue candy it is!

“This one!”, I say, pointing to the glass jar.
The shopkeeper opens the jar with a smug smile and hands me the candy wrapped in transparent plastic.
I hand my ₹ 2 coin and run homeward.

It’s time to savor the afternoon’s joy. Let’s see how the blue coloured candy fares. It better be good, else this afternoon’s ₹ 2 coin shall go to waste.


2 comments on “A candy dilemma – an ode to simpler times.

  1. Jessica says:

    I like this. Ah, when we were kids… I guess everyone feels that way. I like your new theme, too. It’s easier to read. Good choice!

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