On fear

There are times in life when one faces FEAR – not the positive fear that keeps one on their toes, but a kind of damaging fear that is paralyzing.

It is the kind of fear that makes one doubt not just one’s approach, but also one’s abilities. It is devastating and destroys one’s self-belief.

More often than not, that FEAR is a component of our own mind, that keeps telling us negative things about ourselves.

If you observe carefully, you’ll find that most of our fears are internal – they lie inside our head.

But, circumstances are poised in a manner, that one HAS to overcome that fear, before moving forward – else one can’t move at all!

There are times when sheer hard work helps one cruise through life. But, when there is FEAR blocking the path even hardwork alone seems futile. You look for a smattering of luck.

You look up at that picture of God on your wall for divine help and a guarantee that all will be fine. Soon.
But pictures don’t talk!

You want the lips of the picture to move and make a divine utterance.
You want that picture to tell you that if you put in your efforts, things will fall in place.

But, the picture just smiles back serenely.

It’s frustrating, but that’s the way it is. Nothing is granted. Nothing is free. There are no guarantees. One can give up if one wishes to. No one’s going to convince you to continue.

But, then it all comes back to you.
You can let that paralyzing fear always paralyze you – for life. Or, you can make a brave move and finally win.

I know it’s cliched. Maybe, even a bit cheesy. But, the truth is that – “Beyond fear, lies victory”.

There are no tomorrows.
There are only todays. It is upon us to make every ‘today’ count, without fearing that tomorrow, which is sure to bring bad tidings.

Tomorrow, like fear, is just an illusion.


10 comments on “On fear

  1. Beechmount says:

    Former President Roosevelt once said: ” The only thing to fear is fear itself.” I quite believe that to be true.


  2. You are getting wiser and wiser… šŸ™‚

  3. Rachna says:

    “You can let that paralyzing fear always paralyze you ā€“ for life. Or, you can make a brave move and finally win”…..this is the conclusion of ur write up. We should not allow our fear to paralyze ourselves ……victory only lies in facing it with courage…thn there will be no looking back.

  4. Supergirl says:

    “…a kind of damaging fear that is paralyzing.”

    I can relate.

    Every time I feel fear eating up not only my brain but most especially my heart, I close my eyes, take a deep breath.. and pray.


  5. Prayer is very effective in such situations.

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