Coping with sexual violence (Part 2) – by Bhavana Nissima


Spirituality played an important role in the recovery of many women. While they grappled with the painful question—why them—they found radical acceptance, forgiveness to self and others, faith in the Universe’s ability to stand by, and gratitude for the wisdom they gained as some of the pillars to recovery.

“You shed your former bodymind and its outworn story like a snake its skin. Releasing traumas of the past frees up energy, allowing you to be receptive to the soul’s voice and guidance.

Taking a deep breath, you close your eyes and call back tu alma—from people, ideas, perceptions, and events you’ve surrendered it to.

You sense parts of your soul return to your body. Another inhalation, more tendrils of spirit re-enter the places where it went missing.

The lost pieces draw to you like filaments to a magnet. With a tender newly-formed sense of self you stand, wobbly.

Sensing los espiritus all around, you face east, the direction of the visionary, offering a dream of the possible .”

– Gloria Anzaldua in her essay “ now let us shift..the path of conocimiento…inner work, public acts ” in the book This Bridge We Call Home.

When women moved on, they didn’t forget their histories, rather they integrated them to forge new paths and new ways of living.

The trauma was a battle scar they wore proudly.
Many women became artists—excellent painters, writers, poetesses, writers, actresses and playwrights.

Their works of art refined by their experience has a certain freshness, a certain depth, a certain wisdom, a certain profoundness that is not often found otherwise.

Many women turned to healing professions—whether doctors (mainline or alternate), massage therapists, pain management professionals, acupuncturists, herbalists, therapists and some became psychic healers.

Most women became activists in some form—whether as a fulltime activity or as part time volunteers or supporting case-by-case.

Most women became change leaders for the people around them and attracted a circle of extraordinary folks.

Zinda Laash (Living Corpses?) Nope. Those who witness a rape and do nothing about it, those who know of their loved ones suffering and do nothing, those in power who have the power to change the system and still don’t, those who rape and support rape, those who incite rape, those who continue the culture of objectifying women as sex objects—all of you are Zinda Laash.
Not us.

WRITTEN BY – Bhavana Nissima (


One comment on “Coping with sexual violence (Part 2) – by Bhavana Nissima

  1. soumyav says:

    absolutely true! the lost dignity or rather the snatched one brings out a more tougher and reformed individual wth distinct oulines

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