Rape – The National Crime ofIndia – by Akanksha Dureja


There is no way to keep insanity under control in NCR. It gets worse by the day and each nightfall gives it a golden opportunity to silently grow to unimaginable levels.

The title ‘Dil-walo ki Dilli’ is no more apt in today’s times and I would refrain myself from using it henceforth. Dilli no more belongs to Dilwale, but to rapists, molesters and criminals who clearly don’t have a heart.

All this while we were waiting for yet another incident, with eyes comfortably closed, and mind clearly diverted elsewhere. That is, precisely,our reaction to almost everything except cricket, religion and Bollywood.

The rapists decided to rise from their momentary slumber and strike us again. This time, they chose a white-line private bus with tinted windows as the scene of crime.

While, the common man was fined again and again for less than twenty percent tinted coating on the windows of his car, this bus managed to stay coated.

Shall I ask ‘How’? Our corrupt police officers were busy cutting off‘challans’ for tinted windows during the end of the last quarter to meet their sales-targets.

How did a full size bus manage to escape their magnifying glasses?

The rapists gave our media another story which they’ll use to its full potential, and then forget about it once its initial impetus to generate TRPs is spent.

This, my friend is reality. No matter what they blurt on news channels or what they write in our elite yellow newspapers , no one really bothers about the victim or the state of women in this country.

Unless the general attitude towards women is washed out and re-painted with a little bit of respect, to start with, nothing is going tochange.

A few years back, incidents like the recent one used to shock me. Now, it is a matter of daily routine. Not a day goes by when a rape doesn’toccur. More than half the cases don’t get reported.

Our police force gives a tough time to victims and their families who have the guts to report a crime by refusing to lodge a complaint,to keep the ‘on-paper’ crime rate low. India has become a perfect example of a corrupt system polluting its own heart and soul to such an extent that it will soon die.

Have you ever heard a victim being blamed for the crime against him/her. In India, this irony balances perfectly, every equation of a crime like rape.

The victim was drunk or provocatively dressed and hence she was asking to be raped.
Real men don’t say no to a woman in need, so they oblige her by raping her and then, in most cases murdering her as well.

Why, I ask. Well, simply because she asked for it.

As I type this, my heart goes out to the para medic from Dehradun who is battling for her life in an ICU after being gang raped by four cowards.

She has been scarred for life, however long that might be, for watching an evening show of a movie. I, along with the women and the lesser known ’sensible’ men of India, pray for her speedy recovery and hope God gives her strength to bear this immense pain.

No amount of cuss words, candle marches, discussions in the Parliament or articles like this one would be able tomake any difference, whatsoever in today’s situation.

Rapes are a reality and they won’t stop happening unless laws dealing with them are altered drastically.

Capital punishment or chopping of the genitals of those found guilty and then letting them go ahead with their lives are the only two punishments, which in my opinion are almost apt for a crime such as rape.

Unless India gets strict laws and punishments to deal with rapists, they will flourish and continue to dishonour women and societyas a whole.

It is high time ourlaw maker’s spring back into action. I personally, don’t have the courage to hear about one more incident. Also, I have ordered a pepper spray and urge every woman who resides in NCR and is reading this to get one for her as well.

WRITTEN BY : Akanksha Dureja (http://www.the-nri.com/index.php/2012/12/rape-the-national-crime-of-india/)


2 comments on “Rape – The National Crime ofIndia – by Akanksha Dureja

  1. The rapists gave our media another story which they’ll use to its full potential, and then forget about it once its initial impetus to generate TRPs is spent – Inevitable truth. To the media it has become an outdated news now and the Indian judicial system is taking its own time to deliver justice. The worst of all – if proved guilty, the juvenile accused could even escape a jail term.

    I am disappointed 😦

  2. Beechmount says:

    All the point you make are well taken. Rape is unfortunately universal. Writing thousands of blog posts is not going to have a great impact. Laws, however, if strict enough, may just do that. Castration and long jail terms seem appropriate, but what catalyst will make the governments around the world implement such laws,–and enforce them ?

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