A post midnight plea.

Why are you so restless? What do wish to achieve with your restlessness?
Answer me tonight. Your silence and pretence does more harm than good.

You keep twitching and shifting, and delaying the inevitable.
Why do pick up that old, oft-lost battle with time?
Why do want to lose again and rot in this same prison, when you can fly out if you try?

Why can’t you just be ordinary for the time being, and shun all the big roles you’ve self – assigned?
Why do you suffer so much, when there’s an easy way out?

Just blend in, be ordinary, do what they do. It won’t be long, I promise.
Soon, it will all be over and you, me and the little voices in the head shall all head for friendlier shores. Time will be good. The sun will be bright. Perhaps you’ll be happy at last. Perhaps.

Can’t you just pitch in for the time being?

Please. Listen. Just this one time, listen to me, before you let those voices take over and race away like a wild horse.

I know you are not meant for this. You are not commonplace. I know this is not your place. But I beg you to put up with this for one last time. Please don’t self destruct.

I know you’ve been wronged. I know they’ve told you to fit it – like a square peg in a round hole. And you have tried with all heart and soul.

Now you’ve grown tired and given up, and found greener pastures. But for the larger cause, you must return to the old ring for that one last match.

Trust me. You, me, and those voices – we can do it this time. Trust me, will you? Please.


7 comments on “A post midnight plea.

  1. Beechmount says:


    Your post is in all probability a bit confusing to those who are used to reading your blog. If you want to be just an ordinary, everyday run-of-the-mill person, then don’t have any ambitions. Fall of the cliff–join the rest of the ordinary people-the happy-go-lucky crowd that blindly follows the leader. No—that isn’t you—I know you too well by now.

    You are bringing up a very good point though. Don’t go chasing wild dreams, castles in the sky—utopias that doesn’t exist. Ambitions targeted toward just being ‘somebody’ will never satisfy anyone. They are like an empty water bucket; you will always thirst for what you really want.

    If you have a dream, if there is something you really want to accomplice—something your heart and soul tells you– then go for it. Nothing is greater in this world than fulfilling your dreams, as long as they are not guided by blind ambitions. Ask me- for I fulfilled most of mine.


  2. Will mail you about the same.

  3. soumyav says:

    There are always limitless number of odds against a single thought of exceptional thinking! be it aspiration, action, feeling or emotion. What always wins is the conviction in your heart about the thoughts and actions that we dwell and act upon!

  4. avani says:

    The restlessness that you talked about in the post is familiar to me. I know it’s easier said than done, but the most important thing (that we often forget to realise) that needs to be taken care of is our state of mind. If we are happy and calm, we do find a way to reach our destination.
    All the best! And thanks for the post. It acted like a reminder to me. Well written.

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