Two finger test v/s Rape kit


It is another sickening example of male domination, wherein a female’s body is used as a tool for intimidation. The two finger test has been in existence for centuries. Ranging from ancient African tribes to the modern Indian medical procedure, it is but, a shameful exercise.

Feminist groups term this as “medical rape”.

The practice was banned on 29th January , 2012. But, according to Human Rights Watch’s report, it is still widely used it Indian medical testing as “forensic” evidence.

After a woman is raped in India, if she manages to file a complaint with the police and gets some medical attention, the first thing the doctor does is inserts two fingers into the lady’s vagina to tell if she is “habituated to sex”. So, a doctor (who might be male and also prejudiced, not ruling out, bribed) gets to decide if a woman has been raped.

Again, I fail to understand why does a lady’s “being habituated” to sex rule out rape. What are we trying to determine here?
The lady’s sexual habits and frequency, or if she has been raped?

Shameful, inhuman, degrading – these adjectives hardly come close to describing this practice.


A rape kit may also be referred to as:

*. Sexual assault evidence collection kit

*. Sexual assault forensic evidence (SAFE) kit

*. Sexual offense evidence collection (SOEC) kit

*. Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK) kit

Following a sexual assault, the victim has the option to go to the hospital to have a forensic examination by a trained professional.

During a forensic medical exam, a sexual assault evidence collection kit may or may not be used.

The evidence kit affords the opportunity to collect any DNA that may have been left by the suspect. The kit is filled with tools that may be used by the examiner for evidence collection during the forensic medical exam.

A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) or forensic examiner who has received specialized training performs the exam.

Trained professionals are able to maintain chain of custody to assure that the evidence can be used in court.

The contents of the evidence collection kit vary by state and jurisdiction. They may include:

*. Instructions

*. Bags and sheets for evidence collection

*. Swabs

*. Comb

*. Envelopes

*. Blood collection devices

*. Documentation forms

The exam will most likely begin with the examiner obtaining a complete and thorough medical history from the victim. The medical forensic exam also involves a head to toe physical examination, which includes the genital area.

This may also include:

*. Collection of blood, urine, hair and other body secretion samples.

*. Photo documentation.

*. Collection of the victim’s clothing, especially undergarments.

*. Collection of any possible physical evidence that may have transferred onto the victim from the rape scene.

Once the examination is completed and all specimens are collected, they are carefully packaged and stored to assure that they are not contaminated.

They are maintained under chain of custody until further action is taken.


14 comments on “Two finger test v/s Rape kit

  1. gita4elamats says:

    2-finger test!
    Sorry, I’m speechless…

  2. It is the truth. Rape happens medically too. That’s why I reiterated the need for well researched article. We need to specialize on crimes against women. At all levels.

  3. Trisha Dey says:

    I can’t believe this!!! Is rape not enough that she has to endure with such practices too??? It is disheartening!

  4. Donna says:

    Wow, so if the woman has given birth it seems she would fail this test regardless. That is no right. I’m shocked at this. Also, if the medical professional is in charge of the evidence collected and he is biased there will be no justice. I’m so glad you posted this to enlarge awareness. All women deserve respect and especially justice.

  5. Absolutely. Good point. It is unscientific test.

  6. Pointless logic. If you delve deeper you’ll find that it has its root in the thought process “virginity is purity”. Two finger test is used all over the world, but as a ‘virginity test’, not to ascertain rape.

  7. pseudomonaz says:

    I just cant believe this..I just saw a petition demanding to abolish the 2 finger test, i had no idea what it was. I googled and came across your post. How ridiculous can it get. How does it matter if she’s a virgin or not? Rape is rape whether the victim is sexually active or not. What about marital rapes then? Isn’t it harrassment? And the worst part is its still prevalent in india, even though it has now been banned. This isn’t a country for women.

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