Redefining Damini – a crucial step for Voices for Damini

The victim’s real name has now come to light. Her father took a revolutionary decision of ending the vicious cycle of shame by naming her daughter.

God bless her folks. May they have strength. The victim who jolted common people like us and awakened us is no longer with us. We must understand and respect that.

In some traditions they say that the lesser you talk about the deceased, the sooner can their souls attain peace and salvation.

So we need to redefine Damini.
Who is Damini? – Damini is that girl who lives in your neighbourhood. She is that girl who uses the longer route to college to dodge “eve-teasers”. She is that girl who was rubbed against in a public bus.

She is that woman whose boss specially asks her to stay over after work and threatens her to submission.
Yes, you know Damini.

Damini is that unborn female foetus who was aborted after a sex determination test. She is that girl whose father had to pay a hefty dowry.

She is your wife who left her dream job to give birth to your kids and look after them. She is your daughter who cannot stay out late after evening. She is your sister who is not allowed to don western outfits.

I’m sure you know Damini. Maybe YOU are Damini.
In India, there’s a Damini in every home, every colony, every street.

For long, I had wondered what would be “success” for Voices for Damini? For long I had longed to go back to normal writing that I did before 29th December. I had wondered – “When will this end?”

Now, I know it is not that easy. The journey is long. Our success will come only when you can’t see a single Damini in India. That being infinitely long, I’ll soon revert back to my normal writing.

But my priority shall always be VOICES FOR DAMINI. The facebook page for my personal blog lies ignored as I spend all my energies on VOICES FOR DAMINI’S fb page.

It’s good. It’s given me a responsibility. A reason to keep my chin up.

For long we’ve waited for someone to come along. To change things around. I realise that someone is ‘me’. It is you. Every reader. Every contributor. No more passing the buck. No more waiting for change.

It’s time to be the change.


3 comments on “Redefining Damini – a crucial step for Voices for Damini

  1. Beechmount says:

    See ,my comments on “UNSURE”

  2. soumyav says:

    Check the link and share to spread the voice!

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