One step back.

With great humility, I wish to tell you that we are taking one step back.

The vision I presented yesterday (field work) hasn’t found many takers. I believe it is an idea whose time is yet to come. No worries.

Let us first specialise in what we do. And then move on to something else. Lets write. Lets write our hearts out.

Lets write well researched articles that will deal with every facet of crimes against women – it’s history, it’s current state, the psychology; everything.

Let us first understand crimes against women in a better manner. We invite articles at Soumya ji has figured out the badge thing pretty soon. The facebook page has had response. Some response.

So we are moving in the right direction. I’d like to take to you about the tone of articles. The initial storm has blown over. The emotion has drained out of us considerably.

It is now time for well-researched articles, articles that’ll expose the flaws of the current system. Articles that’ll suggest better ways. Articles that’ll look all around the globe for better responses to rape.

Our initiative needs a fresh lease of life. And it is time to re-build from scratch. Let us not underestimate the power of the pen in ushering in a new way of thinking.

Every day since the 29th of December, since the victim passed away, I’ve had people accessing my blog using the search term “who is damini”. I close my eyes and try to imagine the user/reader on the other side.

Maybe he is a young male from rural Northern India. Maybe she is a girl who is battling discrimination. Whoever they are, we need to write for them.

We need to offer them a better way of looking at sex, and gender related differentiation. Maybe, at the pace at which we are writing, we cannot even put a dent to the present case of crimes against women.

But, 20,30,40 years later – Maybe. Who knows? Can we afford to be cynical at such an important juncture?
I bet not.

Let’s write. Without expecting instant results.

Waiting for fresh submissions.

P.S. I wish all contributors lived in Guwahati. We could’ve started field work from tomorrow. Please don’t be demotivated by my lack of success at Guwahati field work. Try at your city.


6 comments on “One step back.

  1. Beechmount says:


    How many supporters do you have from Guwahati? In a city with a population of about 1.5 million people and several universities plus institutions of higher education, student organizations ect. you should have had thusands of followers.

    I would suggest that you begin by making a list of the local supporters (voices for Damini)? you have and work out from there. You will have to organize yourselves into a a single group (organization) with specific goals and then recruit people (get them to become members) |I have suggested that before. Start locally- contact student groups and other organizations-solicit members to your cause- but you must have an identifiable-named organization. By all means, use facebook as a tool to further your plans and cause, and solicit members—but create an organization first, beginning with some of your trusted friends (local) who will become the founding members of it.

    If you just write and write and write, you may spread a message, but will it have lasting effects? Will it result in action being taken? Does your points of view reach local and regional politicians-elected members of parliament.

    If you have all your supporters under one roof (organization) with one common goal, you can begin to eventually become an effctive voice for change–and not only to India’s attitude toward women, but to many other causes (police brutality-inefectiveness, political corruption and indifference to the plight of the common man and other problems)

    When you hear politicians saying something stupid or unacceptable (they often do-all over the world-don’t forget, they are ordinary people like the rest of us)

    Don’t loose heart. It takes courage to go beyond the ordinary and try to accomplish changes to society. It is what all great men and leaders have had. There is nothing mto stop you, if you put your heart, convictions and soul into it. Your visions for a better India can be the launcing pad for change.

    Grandpa has spoken.

    • Dear Grandpa,

      I agree with every word of yours. The thing is I am unable to devote much time to this right now. My exams are starting from March. So, I thought lets defer this till April.

      • Beechmount says:

        Study-study-study-study- the rest can wait until you have completed your examen. You need good grades for your degree.

    • Beechmount says:

      When you hear politicians saying something stupid or unacceptable (they often do-all over the world-don’t forget, they are ordinary people like the rest of us)……print what they said and be critical.

  2. gita4elamats says:

    Listen to ‘grandpa’!
    What about starting an online petition?

  3. An online petition sounds great. Will talk about this soon.

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