I am responsible for the Delhi gang rape (Final part) – by Meenakshi Ganesh


I need to be the change I want to see in the country.
It is time to turn apathy into affirmative action.

I pledge to stand up for that girl being heckled on the road, that woman being manhandled on public transport, that wife or mother or daughter that I know is being brutalized at home.

I won’t look the other way or be a silent spectator anymore.
My son, my brother, my husband and my father have no right to speak to or touch or even look at a woman if she doesn’t want him to. If they don’t know it already, then it is high time I told them so.

I promise to never ever say or think or feel that the victim was at fault for dressing up or going out or being with a boy. I will no longer put up with people who think that the victim ‘deserved’ being raped for going against our ‘culture’ or for not being ‘moral’ enough.

I will not go on living in fear without doing anything about it.
Written by : Meenakshi Ganesh (http://fisheyes-meanie.blogspot.in/search/label/Woman)


3 comments on “I am responsible for the Delhi gang rape (Final part) – by Meenakshi Ganesh

  1. bhavanas11 says:

    Wow!! Now this is called action!!! Excellent! Sharing!

    • Thanks Bhavana. This carries significant meaning coming from you, since you have seen and heard more instances of trauma than most of us.

      By changing myself and sticking to my resolutions, I am striving to play my part in working towards a better, safer country for us all.

      Hopefully, we can all introspect and see where each of us needs to change.

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