I don’t know which way we are heading. The thing with grassroots is there’s no end to probing deeper and deeper.

The solution set just looks overwhelming. Will half an hour of talking with men convince them to change a way of life which they and there ancestors have know for ever?

Do we know our ropes well? As rightly pointed out, a dedicated NGO could serve this purpose better than amateurs.

Also, as suggested, we could start with schools children, talk to them about reporting crimes against them. We could go to college students. We could do something to prevent police apathy.

Too many questions to be answered. Overwhelming for a 22-year old. Help!

(UPDATED to include the positives after being stimulated by Indiraji’s comment)

Positives : This afternoon I recieved an e mail from a friend named Vimal Kujur. If apologised for being late in supporting the initiative. Also, he expressed his inability to contribute an article. But pledged his support and presence to the proposed field work. Heart warming.


7 comments on “Unsure

  1. Indira says:

    Yes at 22 you may find it overwhelming, but now now i can see a ray of hope. If youngster like you have started for searching for an answer, it may take sometime but hope is there. If you can bring awareness in at least 10 people ,then those 10 can try to make 100 aware and like this it may spread. Blessings.

  2. Thanks a lot. I’ll update this post to also include the positives.

  3. Enlightening. Thanks for the share. Atleast they are talking about rape kits. Here we still have two finger tests. Will write about it pretty soon.

  4. And do they have to play politics with everything?

  5. soumyav says:

    A problem which is deep rooted cannot have an instant solution,but the effort to bring out it in open,to make people aware and think is never a waste and is commendable.
    Dnt look for results ,see for the changes.

  6. Absolutely. Have changed my perspective.

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