I am responsible for the Delhi gang rape (parts 3 and 4) – by Meenakshi Ganesh



I am the consumer of advertisements, songs and movies that sell the notion of women as objects to be consumed.

I am part of a film culture that rejoices in its hero being an uneducated lout who will tease and chase after the heroine till she gives in to his unwanted and unwelcome attentions.

Item songs with provocative and sexually explicit lyrics and gyrations serve to do nothing to raise the position of women in the eyes of the Indian Male, and yet every movie has at least one such crowd-puller.

We dance to these songs, know them by heart, use them to tease girls.

I am just as responsible for the popularity of Yo Yo Honey Singh and his depraved lyrics as the next guy who illegally downloads his songs off the internet. I have no right to condemn him and his songs, because he sings for me.


What began as an apolitical outpouring of grief and a united stand for reforms by the common man, quickly turned into a platform for political parties to further their agendas.

Riots broke out, violence ensued, and a peaceful appeal for justice was trampled under water-canons and police batons.

Several prominent ‘leaders’ of our great nation spoke on the gang-rape. A shockingly large number of them blamed the victim in some way or the other for inviting the assault on herself (” She should not have struggled “, ” She should not have gone out at night “, “Women are to blame” ).

An educated, young Member of Parliament made sexist remarks when protesters set out on a candlelight march and an all-night vigil for the gang-rape victim who was fighting for her life.

No action has been taken against him .

These are not isolated incidents of shameful and regressive ideas coming from those who lead our country and create its policies.

The Park Street rape case in Kolkata is a case study in what should never happen in a civilised country. The victim had to fight to register her complaint with the police, face a chief minister who declared that the rape charge was concocted and defend herself against a character assassination attempt by a sitting MP who is herself a woman.

Clearly, our government is made up of men and women who are uncouth, uneducated, uncultured andunethical in the extreme.

And I put them there. I did not vote. I did not even care to find out who the candidates were. I did not read their manifestos. I did not play my part in the democratic process.

And so,I played my part in their misdeeds and bad governance.

WRITTEN BY : Meenakshi Ganesh (http://fisheyes-meanie.blogspot.in/search/label/Woman)


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