Why? – a poem

Tell me why…
Why are you so violent?
Why are you so angry?
Why are you so wicked?
Don’t you know…
That we are your mothers?
That we are your sisters?
That we are your daughters?
Please explain…
What drives you to rape?
What drives you to violate?
What drives you to kill?
You are …
Our fathers,
Our brothers,
Our sons!
Tell me why!
I need to know
What made you savage!

Original poem : http://poet4justicedotwordpressdotcom.wordpress.com/2013/01/04/why/


3 comments on “Why? – a poem

  1. gita4elamats says:

    This is a question to all rapists and all violent, abusive men.
    It was written after I heard about the horrors/rapes in India.

  2. Personally I believe rape is not a sexual offence but a crime of vengeance. Just yesterday someone accessed my blog using the search term “how to kill the ego of a married Indian woman”. That alone speaks volumes.
    “Show her who the boss is”. “Show her her real place”

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