I am responsible for the Delhi gang rape (Part 2), an honest article by Meenakshi Ganesh

Reason 2:


Misogyny and male superiority are deeply rooted in the Indian psyche, passed down through the generations by way of social standing, religious teachings, gender-based role assignments in the family and society and a frighteningly biased set of culture-defined rules.

Male chauvinism exists in every facet of the life of an Indian woman, be it in the rural and small town country called Bharat or the big city culture that constitutes India.

Everything about her is questioned – the way she dresses, where she goes, what she does, when she does it and who she spends her time with. She is expected to be a dutiful wife to her husband, an indulgent mother to her son, a demure sister and daughter who never goes against her brother or father.

Her sexuality is a weapon to be used against her, to teach her a lesson if she dissents, to put her in her place, to bring dishonour to her and her family.

I am part of this society, and I accepted this inequality as a natural part of life – both as a woman and as a man. I did not refuse to obey my parents when they treated me differently from my brother. I did not question the need and validity of innumerable fasts and prayers I was made to perform for the well-being of my husband while he was not required to do anything for me. I submitted to a lifestyle marked by conservative dressing and financial dependency.

I accepted the definition of female decency as no drinking/smoking, no going out at night, no boyfriends and no pre-marital sex.

I played my part in establishing what is socially acceptable for an Indian woman and what is not.

As a man, I did not treat my sister and mother with the respect they deserved.

I expected my wife to serve me, rather than being an equal partner in my life. I grew to believe that there is a certain way for a woman to behave, and if she is ready to go out, party late, drink and have sex, then she will not mind some attention from me.

I made crude jokes and passed judgement on a woman’s virtue. I am culpable in creating a rape culture.

Written by : Meenakshi Ganesh (http://fisheyes-meanie.blogspot.in/search/label/Woman)


7 comments on “I am responsible for the Delhi gang rape (Part 2), an honest article by Meenakshi Ganesh

  1. Indira says:

    shared it on Facebook, twitter and Google+, hope you won’t mind.

  2. Sorry for the typo. I had written MOTION in place of NOTION. And it had stayed that way for all the day. Blame it on the Nokia spell – check. I’ll be careful.

  3. Thank you for your part in it 🙂

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