EMERGENCY – another MUST READ by Mohit Jain

I strongly feel that emergency should be declared in India as soon as possible.

No. Not by the government, but by the citizens of the country. Why? Because the society is moving in the opposite direction. We are returning to the bed rock instead of surging above. The Indian civilization is still being “governed” by the policy of divide and rule.

And it seems to have forgotten why in the first place it has a government and a Prime Minister.

The problem lies at the grass root level itself. Social Science texts in schools today though rightly preach the rights and duties of a citizen of India, but nowhere is it mentioned that the ones governing the country also have the same rights and same duties, that the law is the same for the policemen as it is for a layman.

And to supplement the ignorance, the Prime Minister and the President are showcased as the “Supreme Authority”.

Not that I oppose this, the positions held by them are no doubt extremely important as they are the faces of our country, but no one cares to highlight the fact that whatever their position may be, their actions are still questionable.

Leave alone PM and President, the ones who rank lower in the administration and governance charts seem to have forgotten a very basic requirement of their job i.e. of their responsibility as Public Servants.

The situation is such that calling them public servants is like inviting your own troubles.
(However this does not imply that every one is the same, there are exceptions but too less in number.)

Coming to the divide and rule problem, we’re no longer one collective identity for the political parties. We are vote banks. And the most painful thing is – We know this. Yes, we are well aware of all this.

And I’m not talking about the poverty-stricken, illiterate Indian, but about the young, newly-educated Indian. We need to get back to the basics.

We’re too scattered and way out of contact. And this is the outcome of the constant hatred being supplied to us in various forms over the past 62 years. And it has taken deep roots in our minds.

We all know how to come out of it. We are well aware of the remedial measures to cure this cancer. But it seems that we are waiting for something.

Waiting for that push, maybe for each other’s reaction, confirmation.

“Let him start”.
“NO! Let her protest first”.
“The leader is quiet. Why should I bother? Who am I? Just a common man. What can I do?”
“Oh, come on. Why are you beating yourself up over what happened in the Capital. The North east is still safe. Chillax.”

We need to bring back that trust, that feeling of Oneness in our lives. We need to start viewing each other as a fellow Indian, as a country mate.

WE NEED TO TRUST EACH OTHER. Only then will we able to fight the bigger battles.

I know all this has been said and discussed a zillion times by writers and philosophers time and time again, but it is time that we act in such a way that this does not need to be repeated by anyone again.

Lets not forget – United we stand, divided we fall.

Written by – Mohit Jain, a degree student.


One comment on “EMERGENCY – another MUST READ by Mohit Jain

  1. Beechmount says:


    What you wrote clearly demonstrates the point that many of you have made–education makes a difference.

    It is a daunting-unbelievable difficult task to educate a nation of 1.2 billion people, but it is through this that change will come. You are one of the 50 percent of India’s population who is under the age of 25 and on the way to become well educated. You have a clear understanding of some of the problems India have. It will be the responsibility of your generation to make changes to society and the most fundamental ways to do so is by setting a good example yourself. Threat women with respect and teach your children to have respect and good manners.- that will be a good start.

    You said that social science courses are inadequate,-that it is not enough to just teach the “Rights and duties” of India’s citizens, but ask yourself what it was that your parents taught you at home-what you learned in elementary school, what it was that opened your eyes to India’s social problems. Obviously, whatever it was, it made you question the rules and regulations that govern India, and the people who make and enforce them on a daily basis. That’s what’s needed to bring about changes.

    Not everyone will get the privilege of a university education, so morality and responsible behavior must be installed in children at lower educational level and illiteracy must be eliminated. Some 250 million people are illiterate in India today-about 20 percent of the population. It’s a huge task to eliminate this, but those without the ability to read and write are condemned to a life of poverty.

    There are many other problems your generation will have to be confronted. Pollution, water shortages, climate change are but a few of them, so you all have the work cut out for you. I encourage all of you to take the lead and make changes that will impact India positively. If you seek only wealth and power, India will not become the country that it has the potential to become.

Let me know what you are thinking. . .

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