Beware of the catastrophe – by Soumya Vilekar

Furore in the seas,
storming skies,
winds trembling,
I fear a catastrophe coming by!
Demolishing the statue of compassion,
storming within the bodily temple,
crushing the petals of love forever,
bruising the altar of the soul…
What makes your spirit…
plunder more!
Is it sadistic pleasure
or the mighty power …
frustration of your failure,
or dejection of your existing stature!
Nature wraths in fury,
when devils overpower the earth,
whether impersonated as humans,
or as destructive forces that shear!
Beware of the disaster that shrouds,
If such blunders reoccur,
Mankind will suffer every second,
When the universe shall shiver in a way profound!

POET : Soumya Vilekar (


6 comments on “Beware of the catastrophe – by Soumya Vilekar

  1. Indira says:

    Very well written, writing is on the wall but people prefer not to see it.

  2. soumyav says:

    hi have nominated you for an award!

  3. Thank you. I’ve never got any award. Is there anything that I have to do? 🙂

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