A call to all contributors – Time for field work.

Dear Contributors,

What began as a humble blogger’s idea is now doing the rounds on social media, has a facebook page, and contributors and well wishers from all around the globe.

Hence, we must not despair. Never underestimate the power of One.
We must continuously strive to make VOICES FOR DAMINI more effective. We must remember that soon we have to touch base with the grassroots.

Before I unveil my idea, I have certain requests to contributors and readers.

1. On your wordpress.com blog home page or otherwise, can you make room for the VOICES FOR DAMINI facebook like page. Your blog is read everyday by many people. I need them to know about our work.

2. We need more shares on twitter, facebook, and google

3. Are you well versed in HTML? Can you make one of those badges that’ll read “PROUD CONTRIBUTOR OF VOICES FOR DAMINI”. Then all of you can have one such badge on your blog’s homepage.

If you can’t, can you please spread the word, and check if any of your friends can do it. Please tell her/him that we can’t pay for services. We are a non-profit initiative.

4.. The facebook page has not had any participation so far. People have liked it. But no participation. Please suggest ways to make it active.

Okay that’s all. Now I wish to unveil the next step. Field Work. I wish to form a team of CONTRIBUTORS from Guwahati and we will go to the notorious areas of the city – the bus terminals, the taxi stands, the areas adjacent to the railway station.

Please note that I am in no way suggesting that rape happens only in those places. But it can be a wonderful start.

What will we do there?

On a sunday afternoon we will ask them for half an hour. We will tell them about Delhi’s shame. We will pray for two minutes for the departed soul. Then we will sensitise them. We’ll talk rape. We’ll talk sex. In an uncomplicated manner.

It’s time for some field work, friends.

Please suggest, criticise, add to my idea.

P.S. : Contributions are welcome at subhodasgupta16@gmail.com


27 comments on “A call to all contributors – Time for field work.

  1. gita4elamats says:

    Your field-work idea sounds interesting.

  2. Thanks a lot. Please also give you feedback and suggestions.

  3. soumyav says:

    Your suggestion is indeed nice! we can start wth havng page for the FB page on our blog. As for as participation, it would be better if we dnt just add links there on fb page from wp ,instead should write and comment directly ,which increases interaction.like polling,questions, solutions suggestions

  4. Absolutely! Also, can you help with badges ideas?

  5. All contributors will be made admins soon. Before that I’ll have to connect with them individually on facebook.

  6. bhavanas11 says:

    Now I wish I was in Guwahati. But I dont. I can make space for your facebook page. But I dont know how to do it, sorry. I will ask a friend on how to do it. Or if someone knows here can you let me know as a reply to this comment? If there is anything else let me know! Great work, Subh!

  7. Making a blog-badge might be a good idea. We call can link back here.
    Another thing I suggest is that we form localized groups according to out geographic location and do a similar filed-work next weekend.

    Some of us who write for online magazines etc can write a post for spreading the word about this initiative and it might prove beneficial as the forum will then get a broader audience.

    • Akanksha can you help us with the online magazine bit? Also, where are you are located? We can count on you to start a similiar event in your city. Also, I wonder why the contributors from Guwahati haven’t responded yet.

  8. Beechmount says:

    Don’t forget to ask them (on your field trip) if they want to join your cause.–If they don’t, ask them why not.

  9. Yes that is the first course of action. We’ll get in touch with their leader as soon as our team is all set.

  10. Trisha Dey says:

    Hey really sorry fr replying late! As far as da facebook like button and badge is concerned, i think they are great ideas! Bt regardin da field work i’ve some imprtant things to discuss. Please connect in fb!

  11. Great initiative Subh. I particularly appreciate your open call for suggestions. My two cents’ on making this a wider movement –

    1) We could share the FB page on our walls and proactively seek out like-minded friends who are likely to contribute to this initiative, whether through blog posts or field work.

    2) Spread the word on blogger networking sites like writeupcafe.com, indiblogger and so on. There are usually several active city-based/region-based blogger groups that can be mobilized to start a safety drive or whatever in their respective cities.

    3) A good way of involving more people might be to share traffic to and from different blogs. We contributors could share each other’s blogs on our respective blogs. It might be helpful to put a list of the contributors somewhere in the sidebar on this page as well, linking to their posts on VFD (sort of label each post with its contributor’s name and place a list of labels on the sidebar??). This will help in organizing the stories by writer and linking to each person’s personal blog as well.

    In the meantime, I am trying to figure out how to put the FB page on my blog. I am not that good with HTML code 😦

  12. Indira says:

    i have given it on g+1, Facebook and twitter. I don’t know how to add it to my blog.

  13. Which platform do you blog on? Also, share the link to your blog.

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