Some positives and many more negatives.

First the negatives. Damini’s friend came on National TV last night and exposed the glaring loopholes in the system, and the common man’s apathy.

While Damini and her friend lay naked in the bushes, after being dumped from the bus, the various police officers argued amongst them as they couldn’t decide which police station should take up the case.

They lay naked for half an hour. Cars plied on. Some slowed down and escaped in a hurry.

No one from the Government has met the male friend till now. Justice Verma Commission has not taken his eye witness account till now. He has not been provided psychological counselling. In the hospital he requested for more covers to beat the winter of Delhi. But he was denied.

The police didn’t take them to a private hospital which was closer by, but chose the Government Safdarjung hospital which was very far. They lost an hour in the process.

The police has filed a 1000-page chargesheet and pushed for capital punishment for only 5 of the 6 accused. One of them, apparently rots in a juvenile prison. He’s only months aways from turning 18. Yet he could commit this heinous crime and reports suggest he was the most barbarous of the lot. But yet he can’t be tried as an adult. Don’t know why.

The positive – Soumya Vilekar came out with a brilliant suggestion of creating a facebook page for VOICES FOR DAMINI. We can now connect with more people. Everyone doesn’t have/read blogs. But almost all people have facebook.

So this evening I published a facebook page for VOICES FOR DAMINI. You can express your solidarity there and ask your friends to join in.
The About page of the facebook page has not been updated till now. It will be done tomorrow at the earliest. Inconvenience is deeply regretted.

After few hours, I will be attending Guwahati city’s first ever MIDNIGHT MARCH. No politicians. No selfish motives. Only citizens. We’ll be provided police security. Most girls are quarrelling with their parents to be allowed to attend the march.. Parents are not relenting.

We have asked them to bring their parents too.

So I’ll be auto-publishing some posts for tonight. I’ll time them after completing this post.

What are YOU doing for this cause? Let us know.

The world is a bad, big, scary place. But there are still some who care and who are not selfish. I believe they’ll be the last ones standing. I believe a lot nowadays. It gives me hope. I believe. So I am.


P.S. : where are your submissions? Have you slowed down? Please don’t. We have to go very far. Let us not rest for long.


One comment on “Some positives and many more negatives.

  1. Go ahead my friend. You have our full support.

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