Redefine change

We are living in a society infected with silence. Every time someone ogled at us…or stalked us or groped us in tightly packed public transport, we became invisible…we shrunk from presence and refused to talk

.We blamed ourselves for going out and questioned our choices …Yet today we have decided to question our ownsilence and shed our cloak of invisibility.

We decided survivors need names .We decided we will shout…we will kick …we will raise a furor because the recent spate of incidents has shown that sometimes silence makes a society septic . While we do understand that anonymity wouldn’t give the much required push to our movement, we also saw unwanted elements who wanted to hijack the entire purpose.

*. · A Bollywood producer has announced a movie on her life .

*. · Fake pictures of a Malyali girl have gone viral on Face Book claiming they were the pictures of the young woman before the crime had taken place. The “likes” and “shares” on this picture were phenomenal.

*. · An MLA has proposed a flyover to be built in the memory of the brave girl .

*. · Every other day a political leader invites thewrath of an already volatile public by making astatement first and issuing a public apology later.. the latest being Kailash Viyay Griva ,a BJPleader from MP .

This makes us think , “Why as a Nation do we need to border between two extremes ? We are either too fatalistic swallowing all the insults that come our way silently or too voyeuristic shedding virtual crocodile tears with all those virtual “likes” and “shares” “

At this moment , we don’t need movies or flyovers or “shares” or speeches or public apologies .

We need a complete revamp of our mindset and a strength to navigate our energies the right way .

Written by : Independent Blogger Sridevi Datta.
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2 comments on “Redefine change

  1. gita4elamats says:

    It is time for shouts, kicks and for raising furores!

  2. Beechmount says:

    If you read or hear, read or see comments by a politician that runs contrary to your opinion or that of the public in general, publish his comments (quoting the source) in your blog and spread it around as much as you can. Politicians hate negative comments. If you have FB, use also this media to critique the politicians. It can be very effective.

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