I am responsible for the Delhi gang rape (part 1) – an honest article by Meenakshi Ganesh

I, a nameless, faceless citizen of India, am to blame, not just for the Delhi gang-rape, but for every incident of violence against the women of this country.

In each post I’ll share why I was responsible for the Delhi gang rape case :


The Delhi gang-rape was not the first incident of extreme sexual violence. The hundreds of rape cases I read about every single day in newspaper mostly left me unmoved and apathetic.

I either became immune to the rape victims’ pain or stopped caring.

Either way, I accepted sexual harassment as a common occurrence – outside on the roads, on buses and trains, in the office, even inside the house.

I did not drive away the louts that stand in front of the girls college gates, whisting at and man handling students.

I did not shout at the man who stood too close and rubbed himself against a girl in a crowded bus, even when that girl was me.

I did not call out the casual sex offender, the everyday rapist who takes away a little bit of his victim’s soul with every word and gesture. I was afraid to stand up to them, stand up for the girl in trouble, stand up for myself. I let them know they could get away with destroying my dignity.

I did not spare much thought for the rape victims. I did not bother to find out if they were offered psychological support, besides medical and legal help.

I did not care to find out if and how I could help. I found out recently that it is common for the victims to be ostracized by their families and friends, as though by being subjected to such a heinous crime, they somehow became tainted and impure.

Did I unwittingly condone such discriminatory and cruel behaviour by not actively supporting these women? Maybe I did.
WRITTEN BY : Meenakshi Ganesh


3 comments on “I am responsible for the Delhi gang rape (part 1) – an honest article by Meenakshi Ganesh

  1. Thanks for posting this Subhabrata! This brings my views to a larger audience, with more scope for introspection than finger-pointing at abstract concepts like government, society, culture etc.

    An aside – My name has inadvertently been mentioned as Meenakshi Gautam right at the bottom. Just thought you should know!

  2. Beechmount says:

    Start screaming when someone touches you inappropriately-fight back-don’t become a victim of India’s bad attitude men-those bastards who thinks they can do anything they want to. Inappropriate touching constitutes sexual assault-it’s not just some sporty game these idiots call Eve-teasing; it is an assault on your person. Meenakshi Gautam–scream-scream-fight back-kick those SOB’s right where it hurts the most.

  3. soumyav says:

    thanks for sharing this! and everyone who stood silently seeing and being a part is a part of the prevailing scenario of today

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