Feathers of courage – a beautiful message for women by Soumya Vilekar

If your feathers ever fall off
from your colourful plumage,
due to pricking
or pulling of your mane,
or because of harsh ill stricken ways,
don’t lose your heart…
let the fallen feathers find their way…
For you will have the new fresh ones..
growing sooner within days of sun and few drops of rain!
Let the feathers become strong
and again magnificent to face a storm,
Fly back with the grace you own…
and the newly born courage!
Make them the fierce fighters …
who can withstand any situation,
lashing back at the hands…
that lay on them even from unknown destinations,
Make them sharp and vibrant…
that everyone is struck with awe…
by seeing the beauty reflecting
and the fierceness
of the flying fledges…
along all the walls ,
that you come across!

CONTRIBUTED BY : Soumya Vilekar (http://soumyav.wordpress.com/2012/12/27/feathers-of-courage/)


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