Why men rape? – Akanksha Dureja’s analysis.

Mother India wears its rapist culture as a crown of honor today. What happened to all the hoopla about being the oldest civilization and richest culture in the world?

Any western influence is bad but raping women is the latest fad added to Moral Science classes for men. They have the fundamental right to rape!
Some of the elite citizens of our great nation have given the following insights,time and again, as to why Indian men rape –

1- Women ask for it.

2- Women dress provocatively.

3- Women are sex toys which come for free.

4- Chowmein is freely available for consumption without prescription.

5- Legal marriageable age for women is 18 which is way too old.

6- Women wear skirts to school.

7- Women use cell-phones.

8- Manhood gave them the right to rape.

9- Women get drunk.

10 Women go out and have fun.

11- So the woman who was raped could be pressurized to marry them.

12- Bollywood’s Munnis and Sheilas encourage them to.

13- Women are allowed to mingle with men.

14- Co-education.

15 -Colleges don’t have strict Indian dress code for women.

16- Jeans.

17- A three year old girl could provoke them to rape her.

18- They know no woman would ever marry them.

19- Women don’t surrender and then it becomes a man’s duty to show her, her ‘real’ place.

20- Support of the cops ensures no action, but more women to harass.

I had to jot down these points somewhere as a reminder to myself. All of the reasons mentioned above have one underlying fact in common – ‘If she can’t keep her honor, she is at fault.’ – Courtesy The Great Haryanavi Khaps.

Since our nation couldn’t keep her’s safe, I guess she might also be termed as a victim. It might be the right thing to say that Mother India was gang raped a number of times. After-all she is a woman and that is reason enough to sexually assault her before attempting to murder or blackmail her.
(original article : http://www.akankshadureja.com/2013/01/why-men-rape.html)
Akansha Dureja is a fellow blogger (http://www.akankshadureja.com/)


One comment on “Why men rape? – Akanksha Dureja’s analysis.

  1. Jessica says:

    Death of personal responsibility and a moral code for ones’ self…. That’s terrible.

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