To all the contributors for VOICES FOR DAMINI – A note of appreciation from faraway Canada

Dear contributors,

It has been encouraging and indeed agreeable to read the tremendous number of blog posts written in response to the dastardly act of the rape and consequent sad death of Damini.

All of you who contributed your opinions on the subject have helped in highlighting the deplorable statistics on rape, not only within India, which already for the most parts, are aware of it, but also to the rest of the world.

The news coverage in all the media has illuminated some of the social conditions, including the appallingly common occurrences of rape, that exists in India, to the rest ofthe world.

It is shameful for the government that it permits such a state of affairs to exist, with only minor bandage attempts at correcting it.

Hopefully, this event will catalyze their conscience into action and bring about new laws with severe punishment for rape (with or without the use of weapons), but the question of how effective such laws will become remains to be seen.

I have learned a great deal about Indian social conditions from all of you, who contributed your opinions, and I’m thoroughly impressed by the intensity with which you voiced your sentiments.

From these, one can only reach the conclusion that there is hope for betterment in India’s social conditions.

You have all shown that education is the way forward to become better citizens and to have better lives, but no-one should forget that our education begins at home.

The guidance our parents gives us, the morals they teach us are guiding lights that should, and for the most part are, followed throughout our lives.

I have little hesitation in saying we are living in a world where much behavioural influence comes from outside the home.

So many things in today’s digital world are likely have greater influence on the lives of young people than anything they learn at home.

Competition for popularity amongst students have always existed, but the advent of all the social medias have developed somewhat undesirable aspects to this age-old phenomena.

It tends to overemphasise the importance of it.
There is much yet to be accomplished in Indian society, but with 50 percent of its population being under the age of 25 and better educated than all previous generations, there is indeed hope for the future of India.

It will be all of you, those who wrote the enumerable blog posts and millions more that didn’t, that must carry India’s torch forward.

You must implement laws that will rein in such tragic events as Damini’s experience in the hands of six dastardly cowards, laws that will improve the social inequities that exists,–laws that will improve life for all.


Kenny Beechmount


8 comments on “To all the contributors for VOICES FOR DAMINI – A note of appreciation from faraway Canada

  1. Trisha Dey says:

    Thank you so much Mr. Kenny Beechmount! We believe we will someday be able to develop a better society!

  2. Thank you Sir.

    You have always been emphasizing on bringing a real change by forcing the government to implement and effectively enforce laws to protect its people against such a heinuos crime. This time we’ll make sure that our voices are loud enough to be heard and to make a difference. We won’t stop. No matter what. We promise you that we’ll carry India’s torch forward. We’ll make India a safer place to live in. Your comments have always been thoughtful. Thank you for guiding us. You have been a great support to this initiative.

    • Beechmount says:

      Thanks for your kind thoughts. Each and everyone of you can make a difference, as long as you keep trying-as long as you can see the potential for positive change and get rid of all those corrupt politicians, whose only interest in India is to line their own pockets with your money. Keep up your spirits and believe that you CAN make a change.

  3. soumyav says:

    Its indeed very encouraging and motivating to see people all around the world being aware of the cause and getting involved which still leaves a hope that humanity exists and every person howsoever far he /she is placed is affected by such grave situation.

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