No more cynicism – an article by Mitali Das, a new believer

Damini is no more. But she is not the first. No.

Lot of girls had lost their lives cause of the same reason. A question that i ask myself over and over again- “Is it so easy for a man, to rape a woman and ruin her life forever?”.

I wonder how these men muster so much courage to destroy a woman. We human beings are all born from our mother’s womb; a female body. But yet, some people fail to understand the value of women.

Don’t they realise that we are d prime source of their existence ? My question is that how can they touch a girl without her consent ? Are women their private property, that they don’t even hesitate for a moment before assaulting her?

If these people are so sex-starved, then why don’t they have paid sex wid sex workers?
Honestly speaking, I wasn’t very enthusiastic about VOICES FOR DAMINI.
How can a bunch of people who blog/read blogs transform society, I thought.

Now, I think it is not the time for CYNICISM. It is not the time to evaluate what our actions can bring. But to just act. Let this be the guttural war cry of 2013 – NO MORE CYNICISM. Happy New Year.

Mitali Das is a 20 year old student of Commerce and dance. She is bubbly with enthusiasm and one of the most beautiful persons this author has known. Also a very reliable friend.


3 comments on “No more cynicism – an article by Mitali Das, a new believer

  1. Believe me a bunch of people who blog/read blogs can do wonders… The response this initiative has got so far is good enough to prove that. Let our voices be heard – NO MORE CYNICISM.

  2. And Mitali Das agrees, but cannot reply due to non availability of internet just right now.

  3. Beechmount says:

    Rapists are not courageous-they are cowards.

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