I will not raise my voice this time – a MUST READ article by Mohit Jain

The time has come.
Some serious action needs to be taken. It’s enough now. It’s time that we stop simply raising our voice against the wrong being committed.

It has become quite clear that our voices will go unheard. And what can be said of the vast sea of patience and tolerance we have inside us.

We will cry for sometime like a kid whose tantrums went unheard, and then, after sometime we will go quiet, distracted by something else..

Buzz off – this is not about a goddamn lollypop. This is about each one of us, about our safety, our image, our SOCIETY.

So it’s time that we stop demanding and start COMMANDING. And why shouldn’t we? We live in a democracy. It is nothing but – “what is yours is equally mine”.

It has to be us who need to clean it up if it is getting dirty. This time it has to be much more than protest rallies, candle marches and sloganeering.

Sorry sirs (and madams), we aren’t beggars. The ones in power feed out of tax payers’ money, make mansions out of it, and then come to loot our houses of whatever little is left.

Our sisters, mothers, daughters are raped and all you see is that – “No no no the way she had dressed was not proper at all!”

And when we try and make you realize the powerful men their shortcomings, all they do is shut down public transport so none can gather to stage a peaceful protest!

We need to warn them. Instilling a fear of law in the minds of the common man is no doubt very important, but those who are meant to safeguard that very law also need to feel the fear that –

They need to know who the boss is.

And for this all we need to do is to unite.

For this once, leave all worries about yourself and think of your home, your neighbours, your community, your town, your state, your INDIA!

And it should start now. It is time that no other girl in any part of the world suffered the similar fate as Damini.

It is time that we learnt a lesson. It is time that we did much more then just raising our voice.

It is time for action in the right direction.

Don’t criticise the Government’s or the police.
The society wouldn’t change as long as it’s stakeholders do – as long we change.

No one is weak. No voice is insignificant. Even the vocally challenged can write.

And yes, I still won’t raise my voice this time, I will go and change what I think is wrong.

Mohit Jain is pursuing is graduation degree from Cotton College, Guwahati. I do not know much about him. But judging by his article, he should’ve started writing much before. Readers wouldn’t disagree.


9 comments on “I will not raise my voice this time – a MUST READ article by Mohit Jain

  1. gita4elamats says:

    I am interested – what are you going to do?

  2. Mohit will get back to you after awhile. Can i quip in meanwhile?

  3. soumyav says:

    An encouraging step!

  4. Beechmount says:

    Organize yourselves-make it a political issue-you are all voters. Lean hard on your local representative, There are 545 members in Lok Sabha-elected by the people. If the citizens of every district in India put pressure on their elected representatives, they should respond to your demands, especially in view of the worldwide attention this case of brutal rape has received. If they don’t, vote them out of office. Call them-write them-email them-get newspapers to write articles that favours your views.

  5. Mohit Jain says:

    I completely agree with you sir. We are the voters. So we have full authority to decide who is going to govern the country and to make sure that the governance is in right hands – from the local to the central level. And for this the first step is to organize ourselves and work together for the cause.

  6. Indira says:

    I wish you all youngsters to go and change what you think is wrong. You are right , only candle march and shouting slogans will not do. Country needs people like you.

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