While we were writing for Damini. . .

While we were writing for Damini, the world hasn’t changed much.
It seems no one has taken notice. It seems what we are doing isn’t reaching a lot of people.

On the first day of the new year, a 20-year old girl was stabbed to death, after a failed molestation bid, in the same Delhi, part of which still fights for Damini.

A 16-year old teenaged girl was charred to death by a boy who couldn’t handle one sided love. The police officer of the local police station was reluctant to file an F.I.R, till he was told that the girl had died.

A student of an Engineering College was raped by her classmate after being kidnapped.

Same stories. Different protagonists. Different locations.

I am not disappointed. When I started this thing, it was clear in my mind that expecting instant results was mere wishful thinking.

India’s reluctance to behave it’s men and to control their spiking libido has spurred me on.

I, Subhabrata Dasgupta, 22, promise that I won’t stop. I won’t budge. Let’s see who blinks first. I henceforth dedicate my Blog to Women and their Rights in India and elsewhere.

Do what you can. Your cynicism only inspires me to work harder. I’ve already lost about 50 ‘friends’ on facebook who feel I’m ‘stretching’ this. Some of them have removed me. Some I have removed.

Dear reader, I do not fear falling out of favor with you. I have also lost a few wordpress.com followers. But gained many more.

With utmost humility, I state that I do not write for likes, views, stats, records anymore.
This is not personal.
Real change will have to come. I will not sit idle and pass the buck and blame the Government.

I’ll do my bit and a lot more.
I promise you.
Hope to have you by my side.

Thank you for the fantastic response to “VOICES FOR DAMINI”. But honestly speaking time is a great healer. People WILL forget. Other issues will crowd this one out.

But we will not stop. I invite suggestions from you on what more can “VOICES FOR DAMINI” become. What is it’s scope?

Contribute your articles to : subhodasgupta16@gmail.com

I request you to share, share, and share some more.
On facebook, twitter. Tell your friends, colleagues, community priest, business partner, wife, child, mother, father – ANYONE.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you’re doing is futile. Don’t wait for someone else to act.



12 comments on “While we were writing for Damini. . .

  1. kakoli chakraborty says:

    gd work…..kp it up….

  2. Your determination is inspiring. Damini’s death won’t go in vain. We’ll stand by your side and support you in this endeavor.

  3. It’s always nice to have friends’ support. Connect on facebook tonight. Got some brainstorming to do.

  4. Beechmount says:


    If you want change, you must have an organization behind you that’s large enough to have political clout-I have said that before- and while your efforts on your blog are ever so admirable, they will not make a difference. Create an organization and get people to sign up for membership in it. That’s a tall order, but mark my word, Subh, it is the only way you can create change. Without the force of numbers–voters, that is, life will carry on as usual. Begin by talking to the women readers of your blog and see if they are interested in forming an organization,-one that in time could have millions of members.

    I hope new year will bring you good luck.

  5. Way back in life, I had decided to never venture in to politics. Having said that, what you say has undeniable logic. The mind asks me to pass the baton on to someone else, while I’ll help from the wings. But that contradicts my own logic of “stop passing the buck”. You have me in a fix. Will address this issue soon.

    • Beechmount says:

      You are not really passing the baton or the buck, Subh, you will become the catalyst for the change that you want for India by instigating the steps needed to accomplish it. Politics is not always such a clean game, but it’s the only one in town that can make meaningful changes to the laws. You need not run for office, although I have little hesitation in saying that with some grooming, you would make an ideal politician. You can be the organizer behind the scenes; the one that creates the organization(s) that will have the power to make the politicians listen. I’m writing this without having any great knowledge as to how Indian society functions, thus I make suggestions that may not be appropriate, or simply not possible to carry out due to conflicting social goals and cultural – religious differences that I have insufficient understanding of. Perhaps it is best for me to withdraw from this battle and revert to just being your old mentor.

  6. soumyav says:

    your efforts are always appreciated ..and shall have some effects …to start wth small.but not less.

  7. Trisha Dey says:

    Bravo! Keep going! I’m there with you!

  8. Beechmount says:

    I emailed you a contribution to voices for Damini.


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