Keep the fire burning: take the pledge, says Allwin Bright.

The dawn of a new year is just a few hours away. But, this new year
won’t be the same. People are yet to recover from the shock of
extremely tragic death of Damini, the gang rape victim.

My heart
goes out to Damini. She had to fight a losing battle for life. She was
determined, she wanted to live, she wanted the perpetrators to be
punished… Her death has left me raw with grief.

We Indians are
outraged. Protests are still on. On the other hand the Govt. has
turned a deaf ear.
I fear that the clamor for justice will be ignored
once again. I do not want Damini’s death just to be another news item.

For now, it seems unrealistic to expect the Indian Govt. to address the
issue at hand. There seems to be a lack of a sense of urgency.

Its high time we stopped tolerating things the way there. Let us take the
responsibility to change them.

Let us at least bring about a change at
the societal level. Let this new year be a new beginning. Let us

To treat women with dignity.
To stand up against injustice inflicted upon women and not just be a passerby.
To teach our sons and family members to respect women
Not to look at women with lustful intent and then justify such an act
by pointing fingers at what clothes they wear.
Instead of cribbing let’s do our bit in bringing a change and making
this nation a safer place for women.

Only then will Damini’s soul rest
in peace. Damini’s death has impacted me and it has changed me as a
person. I hope it changes you too.
I hope the fire ignited is kept alive…


Allwin Bright is a dear friend, a fellow blogger and one of the most beautiful persons I’ve come across.

An I.T. professional, a passionate individual, and also a wonderful friend.

Allwin confessed that he takes a lot of time to come up with a blogpost. In spite of that, he decided to contributed this write up to my blog. Instead of writing it at his blog and linking back.

A selfless individual. I’ve requested him to re-blog this.


5 comments on “Keep the fire burning: take the pledge, says Allwin Bright.

  1. Trisha Dey says:

    Lovely! Yes let’s keep the fire ignited!

  2. […] Keep the fire burning: take the pledge, says Allwin Bright.. […]

  3. Thank you Subh. Re-blogged this on ALLWIN BRIGHT WRITES.

  4. Great!

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