Damini’s letter to the Nation – a confrontative piece by Sridevi Datta.

Dear Nation,

This is Damini speaking. Or Nirbhaya. Or Amanat. I thank you …each one of you for your outrage …I thank you for your candle lit marches and tweets and protests and your statements.

I thank those of you who have resolved to herald the new year with silence …and I thank those of you for your profuse apologies for belonging to the male of the species and I thank some of you for shedding tears …and for those of you who preferred silence to speech…

I perfectly understand because now I am the daughter of the soil …and if daughters don’t understandwho will …?

Now I think what did I do to deserve all this…err love?

Dear Nation …have we ever met before …any time …let me recall..did we meet when a friend of mine had acid splashed across her face .

Oh! Yes …we met in a small obscure column in a newspaper …I understand dear Nation you are extremely busy and a small column in a newspaper would be hardly of any importance to you.

Do you know dear Nation this girl and I talk …talk not like best friends ought to…but like daughters of soil ought to . She tells me she is unable to see now…she cannot smell …her face is disfigured beyond recognition and she is afraid to go out.

She tells me I am lucky that I died. I tell her to join me and she tells me she does not want to become another Damini.
…And then my dear Nation we met outside a prison gate to get someone out on a bail .

My little sister all aged three told me this mandid “dirty” things to her…Another little Nirbhaya dear Nation …?
And Dear Nation how could I forget the time we met in a bus (no not the one with tinted windows) …how utterly ridiculous you found that I should shout becausesomeone had groped my back …dear Nation if I remember correctly you were dressed in khaki ?

Oh!Yes you were a woman too…you told me in calm undertones how I should not create scene. I obeyed you dear Nation because my mother told me that goodgirls don’t create scenes…

Dear Nation …it is strange isn’t it you and I should always meet outside prison walls and inside newspaper.

Maybe I won’t be here for long. I am sure another Damini will join me soon. It’s just a matter of a victorious cricket match you see
And Dear Nation…when I feel utterly lonely …I will go through all your tweets and try remembering the times when I was not Damini.

Meanwhile wish you all many victories ahead.
I will try my very best and Rest in Peace.
Your Daughter of the soil,
Damini/ Nirbhaya/ Amanat (what’s in a name, eh Shakespeare?).

(original article : http://sridevi-datta.blogspot.in/2012/12/nirbhaya-speaking.html )

All I know about Sridevi Datta is that she is a fellow blogger.
She commented on my blog half an hour ago. In a matter of four, five msgs exchanged, we became allies in our fight for Damini. Read her blog : http://sridevi-datta.blogspot.in/


5 comments on “Damini’s letter to the Nation – a confrontative piece by Sridevi Datta.

  1. sridevi says:

    Thank You Subh ..just saw this in my inbox . The subtle changes add value 🙂

  2. Glad it does 🙂
    Spread the fire. NO MORE CYNICISM.

  3. Trisha Dey says:

    Indeed Thoughtful!!!

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